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SUBJECT : Thank You!

Just wanted to say... Love your products. Have been a fan from the first time we tried. I want to say 4 years ago?? Since then I have volunteered for 5 "to dos" at my kids schools, (a 2nd grader and a K) and purchased the juice boxes for all the kids to try. I am happy to say at least 1200 juice boxes went out with info about your product. My son even entered your "apple naming" contest. We love the name you chose. My only request was bigger bottles!! We just moved from Illinois to Washington 3 1/2 weeks ago and to my surprise... I saw the bigger bottles at Whole Foods. Can't wait to introduce it to more people here that have not tried it!!

Thanks for doing this and my family wishes you the most success and are very happy we get to enjoy your great products.

Warm wishes,


SUBJECT : Your tea

I just wanted to let you know your tea is the best out there. Not only does it taste good without having loads of sugar in it, it does not have that high fructose corn syrup junk which is a big plus for me. I do not drink any other tea, none can compare to the simplistic yet delicious take on making it. My favorite is Assam Black and Lori's Lemon in a close 2nd. Do not stop making either of those! Good luck in all your business, keep up the good work and I hope you're around forever.


SUBJECT : Comments on Honest Tea


I felt it necessary to send my thanks and gratitude for making this delicious tea. Recently at my local Giant (a popular supermarket in Central Pennsylvania where I’m from) I came across their version of an organic aisle and there I saw Honest Tea bottles. It looked intriguing so I bought a bottle of the Pomegranate Red Tea, went home, popped it in the fridge, and drank it a little later. I was taken away by how great it tasted and the fact that it’s ACTUALLY tea unlike typical “gas-station” teas or teas from companies like Nestea and such. I felt good when drinking it, which doesn’t happen too often with everyday beverages. Since then, I buy as many bottles as possible when going to the supermarket. So, awesome job, and keep up the solid work guys.

Sincerely, Dominick

SUBJECT : Organic Peach White Tea

I'm not a big tea drinker (more coffee), but I have to say the Organic Peach White Tea is wonderful. You describe it as delicate, and I can't think of a better word for it. Just the right amount of sweetness has been added too. I always keep several bottles at home and work. It really is a great combination.


SUBJECT : Just black and Green Teas

I wanted to let you know how much we love your Just Black Tea and the Just Green Tea. Both my husband & I used to be Snapple drinkers when they had their Just Plain tea. They have since retired that flavor and we were left with a void until we found you! Please keep them coming (in individual and larger bottle sizes)!

I hope you can see there is a market for unsweetened iced teas.

Thanks again for a great product.

Pat K.
Northvale NJ

SUBJECT : Happy Customer :)

I just wanted to drop a note to you guys to say that I am a VERY happy customer of Honest Tea.

I love, love, love....ALL the Honest Ade and Honest Kids Flavors & EVERYTHING that's in and about these drinks. I haven't quite tried the other Teas but know that those will be just as good. I'm so happy for you success and love that I can buy your bottles in bulk at stores like: Smart & Final and at Costco.

CONGRATS to you both and your hard working staff. Thank you for creating and developing such an awesome, organic and DELICIOUS drink for us all.



I was at a country fair in Gladstone NJ at the upper Raritan watershed. I spent the day next to the your booth. I am a painter and was painting the scenery. As I paint I’m also very attuned to what goes on around me all day and so inadvertently heard most of what went on in the your booth. You should be very proud of the two young woman that worked the booth that day. They were cheerful and full of smiles all day. They greeted hundreds of people without ever being pushy and took lots of pictures. They gave the fairgoers lots of info about the product and seem to know exactly how to answer the questions. It was a long day and they did not seem to tire or complain. Their brightness improved my day and I bet the mood improved my painting.

Cathy W.

SUBJECT : awesome stuff

Your magical serum teas are the best teas I ever had. I wanted to take some time out of my busy day to say thank you. I say thank you because ever since I’ve been drinking your teas I have not been infected with a cold, the flu, or any other common sickness for the past 2 years. Is it your teas? I don’t know, but I’d like to think so.

I’ve always been a man getting sick year after year from some kind of internal sickness. I first spotted your teas at one of those little quickie marts, I’ve always loved tea, but choosing one was always hard…which sugar infested, chemical induced tea shall I choose now. Your modern bottle not only looked good but the picture made me thirsty too. I quickly opened the lid, without paying for it just incase I didn’t like it and then choose one I did like, the taste was unbelievable… and THAT my friends started a beautiful hand to mouth to stomach relationship. I drink one of your organic honey green teas everyday…so you’re welcome for me paying for the monthly electric bills. The only request I have is to produce larger containers of your teas in quarts or gallons. That would help me and all my friends out a lot. Keep up the great work, you guys will go far. If you ever need any help or just want to contact me, here are my digits and addresses. I support you guys 100%. Thanks again.

Seth W.

SUBJECT : Honest Tea

I first drank your new Citrus Green Energy Tea a day ago and was immediately fascinated, by the beverage, the bottle, and the information thereon. The next step I took, obviously, was purchasing several more bottles. I followed this up with a visit to your website. I must say, I am completely blown away, because, from what I can tell, your company is truly an inspiration. The drink is excellent, but the idea I have about your company is even better. I mean, I was reading the blog, and noticing the extreme quality of the website... Simply put, we need more companies in the U.S. like yours. Well, we just need more people like you.

I can't believe I'm actually writing an email to you guys, but I feel compelled by the impressiveness of it all. This is truly a strange experience, and I mean that in the best possible way. Way to go and keep it up!


SUBJECT : A Hidden Environmental Benefit of Honest Tea

A Hidden Benefit of Honest Tea
I am a regular consumer of Honest Tea who has discovered a hidden benefit to your product.  I have thought about sharing it with you for 6 months and only now getting to it.
My environmentally-conscious daughter started complaining last year about the negative environmental impact of our consumption of bottled water.  We tried several solutions:

  • We tried cleaning and reusing Poland Spring bottles in the dishwasher.  Unfortunately, they warp in the heat.
  • We tried building a collection of bike bottles, heavy duty water carriers, etc and keeping them in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, our active life-styles led to their being left in various places, requiring expensive replacement.

 Then we discovered Honest Tea bottles... the ultimate recyclable water carrier with several benefits:
  • Your bottles are a heavier plastic and survive the dishwasher’s heat very well.  
  • Your caps are similarly heavier construction and survive well.   
  • The strength the bottle and cap mean that they do not leak in backpacks, etc.
  • Your labels are glued on with a single strip of glue so that they are easily removed.
  • Your bottles look cool without the label… almost like a water carrier
  • Your bottles fit nicely into my bike’s bottle holder
  • Your bottles cost nothing so it does not matter if we lose several each week

We now have a box in our pantry with at least a dozen empty label-less HT bottles, freshly cleaned from the dishwasher. When we head off to a hike or a weekend watching our daughters at rowing regattas, we fill several bottles and are on our way.

How This Can Help Your Distribution
You might at first think that our reuse of the bottles may hurt (cannibalize) your sales.  This argument would suggest that we would drink more tea if our water consumption was not made to be so easy.  This is not true.  For us, water consumption is a distinct usage occasion separate from tea consumption.  The former is for hydration and the latter is for enjoying a meal or a break.  Water is maintenance. Tea is a treat.  
Far from losing sales, our recycling of your bottles helps you get sales.  First it encourages me to buy your brand every time.  Second, it helps you stay in distribution.   My daily lunch haunt, Aux Delice (in the Riverside section of Greenwich, CT) recently dropped your brand.   We were told that their distributor dropped you upon Honest Tea’s acquisition by Coke.  While the “acquisition” claim is not a true statement, this is what we were told.   After four weeks, our bottle supply was running low and I began harassing the manager to get HT in again.  Since I eat there almost daily, I have some clout.  I recently found you at Garden Catering in Old Greenwich and plan to start bringing in my own bottle of Honest tea to Aux Delice when I buy lunch.  This will raise the pressure for restocking you.  They will not like my buying tea from a competitor and bringing it to their location.

The relevant point is that while I really like your tea, I am doing this for the bottles.
How This Can Strengthen Your Consumer Loyalty
You are probably too young to remember the introduction of margarine in plastic tubs, but you can ask your mom about it.   Sometime around the late 1960;s all margarine was sold in sticks, just like butter.  The introduction of whipped or softened margarine in resealable plastic tubs was something of a revolution.  At that time, Tupperware was making massive inroads into US households selling resealable food containers.  The problem was that Tupperware was sold by multi-level marketing organizations through “Tupperware parties” in homes and was thus, relatively expensive.   The plastic margarine containers were suddenly a wonderful solution.    They were free and were arriving in homes in a steady supply as consumers bought margarine.   My mother had dozens of empty containers in several sizes.
In the 1980s I worked on a strategy job for a packaged goods company with butter and margarine brands. The client’s market research showed that many consumers were still picking their margarine brand based on the type of container the brand used (color, size, etc.). This is not surprising since brands had little differentiation in taste.  The point is people were picking brands based on the secondary use of the container.   Just as I am harassing my lunch restaurant to get your bottles.
How This Could Help Your Brand
Imagine if you found that others shared my appreciation for reusing your bottles.  You could actually encourage this by:
  • Touting the practice by describing the practice on the inside of your labels (where you already print philosophy quotes in the tradition of Celestial Seasonings)
  • Pushing this “green benefit” of your product to underscore your environmental orientation
  • It helps the country find a new solution to trucking water across state lines.
  • You may even want to go so far as to claim that you are OK if people buy a little less tea if they are doing this environmental practice.
    This should strengthen your brand image with customers who are increasingly concerned about the earth and about our country’s energy consumption.   Trucking water across the country is not the path to energy independence.

The one caution is ensuring in advance that the heat of the dishwasher does not release any chemicals in the plastic of your bottles that could harm people.  This is not likely but it is a base you should probably cover.  If you know the answer, it would give me peace of mind to know that we are not getting undesirable chemicals

I once was a partner in a packaged goods startup, so I know you get a lot of mail and have a lot of ideas to sift through.  But I hope this idea makes the development list.  It really could help the country on the energy/ environment front, while helping your company.
Good luck.

SUBJECT : kudos

Hello guys,
I work for a small company in Irvine, CA and the 5 employees and I here will ONLY put your product in our company fridge. We simply will not settle for anything but Honest Tea. Its really funny because when our office manager restocks the fridge with Honest Tea, we all flock to her and act as giddy as a kid on Christmas. Lol  keep up the great work!


SUBJECT : kudos

My grandson has autism and cannot have anything with artificial dyes. We are about to go on vacation and I wanted to bring along some of your juice for him.

Once again thank you.


SUBJECT : Awesome

Quite simply the best drinks that I have ever had. Perfect, Thank you!

Sincerly, Scott

SUBJECT : Your Teas Are Awesome!


I don’t usually write about something I really enjoy, but your product has won me over hook, line and sinker!!!! We have a cafeteria downstairs in the building where I work. They have every beverage imaginable in their coolers. I spotted your Honey Green Tea and bought it. I immediately liked it because it wasn’t too sweet. I also loved it because it was good for me! I’ve since tried your Citrus Energy Green Tea (which has become one of my favorites), your Cranberry Lemonade (which I could not pry out of my 4-year-old’s hands she enjoyed it so much. (And as a good mother, I let her have it since your beverages have a whole lot less sugar in them than the juices out there). I am loving your Orange Mango Tea a lot as well! I have purchased all of the flavors our King Soopers carries but haven’t tried all of them yet! If the others are like the ones I have tried, you will have a life-long customer!!! I am trying to lose 85 pounds and it’s so encouraging to me that there is something other than water that has a minimal amount of calories! Your Teas are refreshing, immune system boosting and a downright treat to look forward to after a workout! The attorney I work for also drinks them and he likes them because they’re not too sweet. He very rarely drinks a soda and your teas are one of the beverages he drinks at home as well.

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your Teas and all the good stuff that are in them! Keep em coming! I’ll try any new tea you put on the market!!!! (and I’m sure I’ll love it!!!!)

Very truly yours, Debbie

SUBJECT : Lori's Lemon Tea!

Hello Seth and Barry,

I've never emailed a consumer product company before just to say I love your product. I just had a Lori's Lemon Tea, went to the website, found your email address and here you are.

I love this product. It's got the perfect amount of lemon and the perfect amount of sweetening. I will be buying lots more of it. I wish I could find it all over the place!

Best wishes -- Jane Murphy


Hello - I was standing in line today to purchase my lunch and saw your bottle of Honest ADE "Pomegranate Blue". I read all the ingredients and thought OK I'll give this one a try. I was so very please at the very first sip right down to the last - what a wonderfully refreshing drink. I was so happy to see that you did not add any artificial sweetener (as I am highly allergic to artificial sugar - so I have to read all my labels carefully, and let me tell you that artificial stuff is in everything now a days). To my surprise the drink was not overly sweet - it was just perfect and I felt healthy just drinking it. Tell me are your tea drinks made the same way - with a little sugar? I am loving it and I have found my new drink of choice. Thanks so much......Monica

SUBJECT : Heaven to Drink

My wife and I discovered your drinks at Fairway a couple of years ago and have been buying ever since. Personally I can’t put another drink in my mouth because they taste so sugary and heavy. Thank you very much for bringing such a great product to the market.

Alex & Tina

SUBJECT : Compliments to your representatives

Hi folks,

Honest Tea had a table at the Green Cup of Polo benefit today, where my equestrian vaulting club, the Great Falls Vaulters, performed as part of the entertainment. I just wanted to relay a compliment on your friendly representatives, and a thank-you for the life-sustaining cold tea they so kindly provided to my vaulters on this insanely hot July day!

Best regards,

PS - I hadn't tried the Pomegranate White before, but I knew it would be outstanding when my horse Pete perked up and started whiffing the aroma the moment I opened the bottle. He was quite right!

SUBJECT : Love your TEA!

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know I think your tea is great. I usually don't get excited about this kinda of stuff, but you guys have me hooked. I have really tried to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for my family and so when you came out with Honest Tea for kids I was pumped. I tell everyone with kids about it and I'm glad I can go to Sam's Club and buy it in bulk. Thanks again!


SUBJECT : I love your products!!!

Dear Seth and Barry,

I recently discovered Honest Tea at Whole Foods, and was shocked to hear you had been around for ten years! To think of all of those years that I wasted on Snapple--whose "made from the best stuff on earth" motto is put to shame by your superior products--when I could have been enjoying some Honest Tea.

I love how simple, pure, and natural your products are and especially enjoy the wise and entirely relevant quotes under each bottle's cap. Aside from your dedication to your products, I think your social responsibility initiatives are incredibly admirable and urge you to stay true to your small company image and values even as you continue record growth.

You certainly have won a lifelong consumer here, and I wish you the best for the future and look forward to seeing your company succeed and make our world a better place.


Law Student - Southern Methodist Dallas TX

SUBJECT : Just Black Tea

I'm so thrilled to have discovered the Just Black Tea! It has no sugar: yay!! and it tastes great. I've gone through gallons and gallons so far this summer. It's a winner.

D. Scott

SUBJECT : Your excellent product

I wanted to let you know your honey green, peach and pomegranate white teas are very good. Last week I just happened upon a program about your product on cable television. It just so happened my husband was going to Maryland over the weekend to help his sister pack up and move to Michigan. I asked him to look for Honest Tea to buy and bring back home. He found some at a store in Maryland and bought all that they had on the shelf....28 bottles. I'm glad he bought all 28. I have, in the last 24 hours, shared them with six family members and neighbors. They love the product too!

Come to Michigan as soon as you can. I think your product will do well.


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