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2013 Mission Report
We are now in our fourth year of publishing a mission report. The report is part of our ongoing efforts to be transparent about our business practices and live up to our mission to seek to create and promote great-tasting, healthier, organic beverages.

Honest Tea Mission Report 2013

2012 Mission Report
Welcome to Keeping It Honest, Honest Tea's 2012 Mission Report. This is the third year in which we've reported on our efforts to live up to our mission. We are excited about the work we're doing and are eager to share what we're learning along the way. Please dive in and learn about our ongoing journey.

Honest Tea Mission Report 2012

2011 Mission Report
Welcome to Honest Tea's 2011 Keeping It Honest report. Last year, in our first published mission report, we made a commitment to keep challenging ourselves to advance our mission. In here you’ll find the updates on our progress, as well as some new challenges.

Honest Tea Mission Report 2011

2010 Mission Report
Welcome to our second annual Mission Report, Keeping It Honest. This report details our 2010 social and environmental initiatives related to our products, packaging, the planet, people and partners. We also share our strides and setbacks on this journey towards realizing our mission. Please download it as a PDF by clicking the link below.

Honest Tea Mission Report 2010

Social Responsibility
We also encourage you to read our first internal analysis of our mission from 1998, Social Responsibility at Honest Tea (PDF link below). Thank you for supporting us on this journey, or as we like to say, "a sip in the right direction."

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