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HONEST® Kids Drink Pouch Collection Program  

Every year millions of drink pouches end up in garbage and landfills. Honest Kids and TerraCycle® are working together to change that. As eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle converts the drink pouches into unique innovative products from upcycled tote bags to recycled outdoor furniture.

Signing up for the Drink Pouch Brigade® is easy!
  1. Sign up for TerraCycle HERE.
  2. Go HERE, and select the 'Join Now' button next to the Drink Pouch Brigade.
  3. It's that simple!
Once you have signed up for the Drink Pouch Brigade, start collecting! When you are ready to send your drink pouches to TerraCycle, log-in to your account and download a prepaid shipping label. Please seal the box or bag of drink pouches and drop it off at a UPS drop-off location near you.
There are no signup fees whatsoever. Visit to get started!
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