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Sweetened Only With Fruit Juice APPLEY EVER AFTER "Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns" - Unknown
Nutrition & Ingredients

Appley Ever After is a refreshing, organic apple juice drink from concentrate that will leave your taste buds feeling happy and satisfied, just like a classic storybook ending.

  • 1/2 the sugar of the leading kids' juice drinks*
  • 100% daily value Vitamin C
  • *Honest Facts: Honest Kids contains 9g of sugar per 6.75 fl oz pouch. The leading kids' juice drinks in single-serve packaging contain approximately 20g of sugar per 6.75 fl oz serving. (Note: many leading kids' juice drinks come in 6 fl oz pouches)

    Safety concerns around apple juice?

    There have been reports in the media regarding the presence of arsenic in certain apple juice products made from juice concentrates from China. While the Food and Drug Administration has released a statement that Apple Juice is safe to drink, we want to share some important information about the apple juice in Honest Tea's Honest Kids Appley Ever After.

    Honest Kids Appley Ever After, an organic juice drink from concentrate, contains 42% apple juice and does not include any apple ingredients from China. Most of the apples for Honest Kids Appley Ever After are grown in the United States. We occasionally purchase apple juice concentrate from Turkey or New Zealand. All our juice concentrates are extensively tested before they are shipped to our bottling plants. We test for pesticides and heavy metals (including arsenic and lead), among other things. All Honest Tea beverages are produced in the United States.

    To learn more about this issue, visit the Food and Drug Administration's website here.
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