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Community Green
Community Green is marketed in partnership with City Year, an AmeriCorps program uniting diverse 17-24 year olds with communities in need. City Year corps members commit to a challenging year of full-time community service and leadership development aimed at breaking down social barriers and building stronger communities. The Community Green label message introduces our customers to the mission of City Year. We hope Community Green and the hard work of City Year’s 1,000+ corps members will connect our consumers to our shared mission of building community — one bottle at a time.

First Nation
Honest Tea’s First Nation Peppermint embodies the company’s commitment to creating innovative business partnerships with economically disadvantaged communities. In 1999, we met with the leaders of I’tchik Herb, a woman-owned company based on the Crow reservation, a community with an unemployment rate of 67 percent. Honest Tea worked with the Crow community to develop the capacity and funding to harvest the peppermint already growing on the reservation and create a product that would be true to their traditions.
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