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Fair Trade Teas
Fair Trade

Honest Tea is committed to the well-being of the people along the supply chain who help grow and pick our ingredients. We seek out suppliers that practice sustainable farming and show respect for individual workers and their families.

Since 2003, when Honest Tea introduced the world's first Fair Trade Certified™ bottled tea, we have increased our fair trade offerings each year. In the spring of 2011 we converted all of our remaining tea offerings to Fair Trade Certified™ for a total of 19 varieties. Since 2003, we've contributed over $350,000 in fair trade premiums, reinvesting in communities where our tea is sourced.

The Fair Trade Certification™ ensures that workers on tea gardens receive a fair share of profits and that the tea gardens comply with specific workplace criteria set by Fair Trade USA to ensure equality and fairness. A joint body of workers decides how to reinvest profits from the tea to support community development projects.

Over the past few years, Honest Tea has built a strong relationship with the Makaibari estate in India, which provides much of our Fair Trade Certified™ tea. During this time, the fair trade premiums that we pay have supported many important initiatives, which are prioritized by workers at the tea garden. One such effort was proposed by Ms. Pratima Tamang, the grand-daughter of Makaibari’s retired factory supervisor. Pratima had completed a computer course at NIIT, a well-known computer school in Calcutta, and recognized the value of computer literacy. She proposed to the Fair Trade Joint Body that Makaibair establish a computer center for the use of tea garden workers and their children. A short time later, the Makaibari Computer Center opened with two computers and a printer, and is available to anyone in the Makaibari village. Already over 200 children have enrolled in the computer school, where they are learning critical skills that would otherwise be beyond their reach due to the high cost. The computers, complete with Internet connections, have opened a whole new world of technology and information to the children – a world they are eager to explore and learn from.

Honest Tea is proud to support the practices of Fair Trade and the changes it creates in the world.
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