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On Monday, April 30th Honest Tea will launch a new, national recycling initiative called “The Great Recycle,” by erecting a 30-foot bin in Times Square in an attempt to collect more than 45,000 beverage containers in one day – approximately the same number of HONEST beverage bottles typically sold daily in NYC in April.  Not in NYC?  Join Honest Tea online and show your commitment to recycling all year round.

Honest Tea chose New York as the pilot location for this national program to show support for Mayor Bloomberg’s pledge to double recycling in New York City by 2017.  As part of The Great Recycle, Honest Tea, and partners GrowNYC, RecycleBank, Coca-Cola Live Positively, Global Inheritance and Five-Boro Recycling will take all of the bottles collected in Times Square and recycle them into gardening materials (plastic lumber, watering cans, fertilizer containers, etc.).  Those materials will then be used to build an urban garden for a NYC public school. 

Strategically located in New York’s highest traffic location, the Great Recycle bin will be a beacon drawing people to the event. Our on-site promotions team will encourage people to recycle their bottles and educate them about the benefits of recycling.  Bottles will act as currency; people can redeem them for t-shirts, hats and garden-related items like seeds at our on-site TRASHED Recycling Store.  We will also have a sample urban garden on display so that the public sees what their bottles will become.

To celebrate Earth Day and get people talking about the event, Honest Tea will preview The Great Recycle at Brooklyn Flea on Sunday April 22 – one week before Times Square. 

Taking the Online Pledge
Those who can’t attend The Great Recycle in person can still participate! Starting on April 15th, with the release of The Great Recycle teaser video, Honest Tea will drive people to, where they can earn RecycleBank points – which can be redeemed for rewards including coupons, clothing, household items, accessories and gift cards - by making a weekly recycling pledge and solidifying their commitment by recycling an old Facebook post for fun.

May 1st and Beyond
After the NYC pilot program on April 30th, Honest Tea will look to stage The Great Recycle in another city to help raise awareness of the importance and ease of recycling and increase the number of bottles recycled annually.

>Honest Tea, the nation’s best-selling organic tea company, seeks to create and promote great-tasting, healthier, organic beverages. Grow it -> Bottle it -> Drink it -> Recycle it -> Grow it -> Bottle it -> Drink it -> Recycle it…