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5 Easy Thanksgiving Dish Swaps


Thanksgiving will soon be here!  Time to bring out the fresh winter veggies, mouth-watering turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and warm pumpkin pie!  If you’re hosting the big meal around your dinner table and looking for fresh ideas, we’ve got you covered.  Check out these 5 simple swaps for your Thanksgiving meal to help keep you on track this season.


Green Vegetables:  Instead of the traditional canned green beans/mushroom soup/fried onion combination, try steamed green beans dressed with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, and toasted almonds to give it a tasty crunch.  Just as mouth-watering, and you save half the calories.


Mashed Potatoes: Who doesn’t love a serving of silky mashed potatoes?  Thankfully you can still get your potato fill without sacrificing the rest of your evening.  For a lower calorie spin, swap out the usual cream and butter for plain yogurt.  Add a dash of chicken stock, roasted garlic, and rosemary and you have a dish that’s creamy, flavorful, and filling!


Sweet Potato Casserole: Sweet potato casserole is exactly what it claims to be.  Try substituting coconut milk in place of sugar, butter, and (if your recipe calls for it) cream.  Skip the marshmallow topping for toasted pecans with shredded coconut.

Cranberry Orange Splitzer

Drinks: Having a festive drink to pair with your delicious dinner is a must at every table.   Instead of wine or mulled cider (average 140-150 calories per serving) try an Orange-Cranberry Spritzer, try mixing ½ cup cranberry juice with ½ cup Honest Fizz Orange Pop and garnish with fresh cranberries.


Pie: Finally, no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without dessert.  Pie is definitely the go-to option for this occasion, but which variety should you choose?   For the lighter option go with pumpkin over pecan pie—just as satisfying and a fall must-have!

Here’s where the math comes in.  We compared each traditional dish with the suggested swap to see the total difference of each.

Original dish total calories: 1,350

Simple swaps total calories: 740

All in all? You save 610 calories.  What are some of your simple swaps for the thanksgiving table?


*Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

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