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A Tropical Escape In A Glass


We’ve been getting a bit tired of the cold & decided to share this fun tropical recipe using our Orange Mango Flavored Herbal Tea to brighten things up!


  • 6 fl. oz. lemon juice
  • 6 fl. oz. gin
  • 3 fl. oz. triple sec
  • 1 bottle Orange Mango Flavored Herbal Tea
  • 8 fl. oz. sparkling wine
  • Lemon and orange slices, for garnish (we think thin round circles look best!)


  1. In a large pitcher, mix the lemon juice, gin, triple sec, and Orange Mango Flavored Herbal Tea.
  2. Chill the mixture until ready to serve, stirring directly before serving.
  3. Pour the mixture into glasses and top with sparkling wine as desired.
  4. Garnish with lemon and orange slices for a fun tropical twist & sip delightfully while you dream of sun-kissed beaches and warm ocean waves!

To make this recipe kid friendly, simply skip the gin and triple sec and replace the sparkling wine with sparkling grape juice.

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8 thoughts on “A Tropical Escape In A Glass

    1. Go ahead and e-mail our team your zip code and we'll tell you where you can find it: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Hope this helps!

  1. I love your drinks and have been buying your product for several years. Biggest complaint is that I am not able to get all varieties at my local jewel osco. I must special order all product and although I have asked numerous times for them to carry more variety my requests fall on deaf ears. I love your product and drive up to 30 minutes to get to stores that carry more varied flavored. Thanks for a great product!

    1. Thanks for being a fan and sorry you can't find all of the varieties near you. Feel free to e-mail our team your zip code and they'll tell you where you can find it near you: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Hope this helps!

    1. hi–thanks for the lovely feedback about Tropical Green Tea! It is only available at Wendy's, however we suggest trying Honey Green Tea, which can be found at most grocery and convenience stores nationwide!

  2. This is our family's favorite tea but we stopped buying it because (1) it is exceptionally hard to find at retailers, and (b) if you can find it online, it is extremely expensive.

    1. hi Michael–Is there a particular variety you're seeking? We're happy to help find your favorite tea in your area–send us an email at pr@honesttea.com and we'll do our best to help!

      –the Honest Tea-m

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