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Creating Solutions Perfect for Kids

Honest kids

When we introduced our Honest Kids line in 2007, we were faced with a dilemma—having the drinks in pouches meant we were using far less material than any other option, but the material wasn’t recyclable.  We focused on the first part of “reduce, reuse, recycle,” and pioneered a partnership with TerraCycle.  The Drink Pouch Brigade was created as a means to keep drink pouches out of landfills and “upcycle” them into items such as pencil cases, bags, benches, and even bike racks.  In the last eight years, the program has expanded and now many different beverage companies making drinks served in pouches participate.  To date, more than 212 million pouches have been collected by 75,944 brigade groups around the country. Pretty impressive!

Interested in joining this growing movement?  Visit the TerraCycle website , register for a brigade (there might even be one already started in your area), and collect your empty Honest Kids pouches after you’ve enjoyed every last tasty drop!

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