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DC Gets Honest About Recycling

Recycling is easy and truly helps the planet.  That’s why it might surprise you to hear the national recycling rate of beverage containers is only 33.8%.  It’s obvious there’s still a lot of work to be done.  Seeking to be part of the solution, we created the Great Recycle; a nation-wide tour to inspire America to renew its commitment to recycling.  How will we do it?  With your help.  Our tea-m built a 30 foot recycle bin that will travel the country to city centers and local events to spread the Honest word about recycling.  We invite you to bring us your empty bottles to an upcoming great recycle event and in return, we’ll reward you with cool stuff such as yoga mats, Citizen Bikes, and commuter packs from our friends at Patagonia. The more bottles you bring, the bigger the swag.

What better place to launch the Great Recycle tour than the Nation’s Capital.  This week schools, offices from Capitol Hill, and local University clubs all came down to contribute to the recycling action and drop off their bottles in our 30ft recycle bin.  The DC community overwhelmed us in their support, renewing commitments made to recycling every bottle consumed in 2013.  After thousands of conversations, bottles counted, samples poured, and swag delivered, we counted 14,238 bottles recycled!

An Honest thanks, DC—you are an inspiration.

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