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Disrupting With Innovation

CaptureIt’s common for companies to have reputations for all sorts of different things – some are known to provide great employee perks (Google), others for a commitment to philanthropy (Patagonia) or visionary products (Apple).  Recently, Honest Tea’s co-founder & TeaEO Seth Goldman was named the “#1 Disruptor” in the beverage industry by Beverage World Magazine.  Seth’s passion to bring organic and Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients mainstream and transparency in messaging, fundamentally transformed the beverage industry.  This commitment to disruption has been a part of Honest Tea since the company was founded 17 years ago, and is still with us as we announce our new line of unsweetened, zero calorie herbal teas.


Starting this month, on shelves where other Honest glass bottled teas are sold, we are launching two new varieties – Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea and Ginger Oasis Herbal Tea – fragrant and spicy refreshers that will quench your thirst and soothe your senses.


What’s disruptive about it? Thanks to real brewed organic spices and botanicals, they have full flavor and yet are unsweetened, and contain no caffeine or calories. We’ve been tinkering with unsweetened drinks long enough to know that creating one that tastes great is harder than it sounds.

Unsweet Herbals

Cinnamon Sunrise is a delicious blend of organic Vietnamese cinnamon and Fair Trade Certified red rooibos from South Africa, while Ginger Oasis is brewed organic Indian ginger, green rooibos, and Egyptian lemon grass.


Let us know what you think of them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. As always, your honest feedback is very appreciated!

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One thought on “Disrupting With Innovation

  1. Your ginger oasis tea is the best thing to happen! I love how refreshing it tastes and it has that almost sweet taste naturally!
    Also, the cinnamon sunrise is very sweet tasting for having zero calories! Well done!

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