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Download Your HONEST Fizz Coupon!


Do you enjoy throwing a good party for March basketball? Don’t get caught playing a food foul by serving the same soda and drinks this year.  Our friends at Shoestring Magazine have put together a fantastic and easy-to-make mixer that is sure to be a game changer at your next game day viewing party.  Using the crisp, spiciness of our naturally sweetened, zero calorie Professor Fizz soda and a sweet cherry twist, this signature drink will leave your taste buds tantalized and guests begging for seconds.   Serve in a glass mason jar with a wedge of lime to make it stand out from the pack, with or without rum.

Coupon Offer: Click the image above to download a coupon for a discount on your next HONEST Fizz purchase! Here’s what you need to get the mixing started:

  • 72 oz (6 cans) Professor Fizz HONEST Fizz
  • 6 oz White rum
  • 1 1/2 cups tart dark cherry juice
  • 3 tbsps bitters
  • Pitted fresh cherries or morello cherries (optional)
  • Wedges of lime (optional)

To read the full recipe, click HERE.

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One thought on “Download Your HONEST Fizz Coupon!

  1. First of all, why do you need my date of birth?
    Secondly, love your Honest Fizz sodas as I picked up some at my local Harris Teeter in Charlotte, NC. However, I am minimizing my carb intake and your product says it contains 7 carbs. Is that due to the erithrytol or something else? I'm looking for the net carb count (carbs – fiber – sugar alchohol).
    Thank you.

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