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Enter For a Chance to Win Our NEW Cinnamon Sunrise and Ginger Oasis


Ever since we introduced our two new unsweet herbal teas, Cinnamon Sunrise and Ginger Oasis they’ve been a big hit! Maybe it’s because they’re zero calories and caffeine-free, or because they’re brewed with delicious, organic Vietnamese cinnamon and organic Indian ginger. Our friend, The Novice Native, is giving away a week’s worth of Cinnamon Sunrise and Ginger Oasis to 5 winners. Enter here for a chance to win.

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157 thoughts on “Enter For a Chance to Win Our NEW Cinnamon Sunrise and Ginger Oasis

  1. I'm excited that both of these are caffeine free since that's the only kind of tea I drink. The flavors sound amazing. I would love to win these!!

  2. Maybe they are a big hit because many people like me are prediabetic or diabetic and cant have sugar. The unsweetened teas are what many of us look for and also the decaf. A perfect tea for many!!!! Thanks

  3. Mmmmm. Can already smell autumn and taste fall…a harvest time season that truly delights and arouses all your senses. Winter? Bah! Not even a blip on my radar with pumpkins, mums, apples, cinnamon and spice and all things colorful. Immerse yourself and reawaken this year! I'll be rakin' leaves and quenching thirst with some Honest Tea. Meet me at the homecoming bonfire 🙂

    1. They should be hitting your local Whole Foods Market and other select natural food stores. E-mail us your zip code and we'll tell you where you can buy them: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Hope this helps!

  4. THANK YOU for bringing back a cinnamon drink. If only you knew how much I have missed Gold Rush Cinnamon, which was my favorite drink. I loved shaking the bottle to mix all of the cinnamon that had settled on the bottom. It was like my personal, and drinkable, snow globe…

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