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Enter For A Chance to Win


It’s all about herbal teas for us right now–something about the brewed infusion of organic hibiscus, ginger or cinnamon that makes us thirsty. Our herbal teas are caffeine-free and several, including the brand new Ginger Oasis and Cinnamon Sunrise, are unsweetened and have zero calories. In total we brew eight herbal teas to choose from: Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Tea, Cranberry Lemon Flavored Herbal Tea, Orange Mango Flavored Herbal Tea, Ginger Oasis, Cinnamon Sunrise, Black Forest Berry, Heavenly Lemon Tulsi, and Pomegranate Red.


We’d love for you to try an herbal tea and as luck would have it, our friends at Momables.com are currently giving away a week’s supply of Honest Tea’s herbal iced teas to five lucky winners. Enter for your chance to win here.

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198 thoughts on “Enter For A Chance to Win

  1. Looooooove your tea, especially the Green Dragon & the Black Forest Berry!!!!!!!

    Love y'all

  2. Would love the opportunity to make the next year (shhh…no one needs to know I had another birthday! 😉 ) a healthier one!

  3. This tea is my guilty pleasure!!! I could have it from breakfast to nightfall. Love trying all of the varieties!

  4. Black Assam is my favorite and is a great treat throughout the day! Can't wait to try the new Cinnamon flavor.

  5. Thanks for the yummy tea! Every chance I go to the store I try n get one. My favorite flavor is orange mango!!!!! And the peach

  6. I love Honest Tea and their products! My local store where I buy them all quit selling all of them recently and I'm very disappointed in that, and I am not sure where else I can get them.

    1. Oh no! Have you tried asking the store manager to start carrying them? You can also find a few varieties on Amazon.com. Hope this helps!

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