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Enter For Your Chance to Win as We Celebrate National Iced Tea Month



Although it may not be listed on everyone’s calendar, June is National Iced Tea Month and we can hardly contain our excitement (and our use of exclamation points!).  We may have circled it on every calendar we have in the office with highlights and arrows because we’re crazy into June.  Let the good times roll as we revel in the joy of iced tea!

To celebrate, our friends at Obviously-Marvelous.com are giving away one case (12 bottles) of Honest Tea to ten lucky winners (Winners get to choose their favorite Honest Tea)!  Enter the giveaway here and good luck—10 Honest super fans are about to be extra-refreshed this month!

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186 thoughts on “Enter For Your Chance to Win as We Celebrate National Iced Tea Month

  1. Haven't tried Honest Tea but honey green tea or half tea/half lemonade sounds good! They all sound good! Would love to try!

  2. Though vacation this year won't be as "spectacular" as usual due to time I had to miss due to a work related surgery last year, it will still be a good time to try some of the flavors I haven't tried before as summer heats up!

  3. The Honey Green Tea is the best. Nobody can match the taste. Clean the shelves whenever it's on sale. Would like to see online sale by the case.

  4. A lot of the Honest Tea is available at Amazon and other on-line sellers. I used to order the "Peach White Tea" and the "Orange Mango Honest Ade" by subscription – a case every month. But they changed the formulation on these 2 flavors recently and to me they are no longer good enough to drink.
    I still find the new "Half and Half" to be ok, but for some reason the price at Amazon is way too high – I can find it cheaper locally.

    I hope they go back to the previous formulations.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. Have you tried the Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle? If you liked Peach White Tea, you may like that one too!

      1. Good suggestion – I do like that one too, though not as much as the old Peach White. And, do you have a suggestion to replace the old "Orange Mango Honest Ade"? (Not the current Orange Mango Herbal Tea – it doesn't compare.)


  5. My fave is the honey green tea! I wish the big bottle was available at more stores near me, it can be difficult to find.

    1. Have you tried using the store locator on our website to find it at more stores near you? Also, ask the store manager at your favorite store to start carrying Honest Tea.

  6. Love the Just Black and the Just Green teas because they have no added sweeteners–try to find another brand that can say that and that tastes as good as Honest Tea does!

    1. You have good taste. Have you tried the new zero calorie, caffeine free, unsweetened herbal teas: Ginger Oasis and Cinnamon Sunrise?

  7. i love the unsweetened iced teas, and the lightly sweetened ones too, but i love the peach tea, and i think i need to try the pomegranate blueberry!

  8. I really like Lori's Lemon tea in the glass bottle.The teas that I have tried in the plastic bottles have not been very good,I wish we did not have to do this post to enter!

  9. Here are some fun ideas to keep kids occupied at home during the summer that is giving away one case (12 bottles) of Honest Tea.

  10. My father would love the peach, but my kids would love the Pomegranate (okay, or he Mango). Which to choose??

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