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Enter For Your Chance to Win as We Celebrate National Iced Tea Month



Although it may not be listed on everyone’s calendar, June is National Iced Tea Month and we can hardly contain our excitement (and our use of exclamation points!).  We may have circled it on every calendar we have in the office with highlights and arrows because we’re crazy into June.  Let the good times roll as we revel in the joy of iced tea!

To celebrate, our friends at Obviously-Marvelous.com are giving away one case (12 bottles) of Honest Tea to ten lucky winners (Winners get to choose their favorite Honest Tea)!  Enter the giveaway here and good luck—10 Honest super fans are about to be extra-refreshed this month!

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186 thoughts on “Enter For Your Chance to Win as We Celebrate National Iced Tea Month

  1. I would love to win this. I am a fan of the flavor and will continue to be. Thank you. Also, may you have a great trip with your family. Now is the time to do that and build memories that will last a lifetime. A lot of people "hold off" and miss a part of life that cannot be done later. Best wishes.

  2. I love the fact that Honest Tea is made with all natural ingredients I can pronounce. I can feel good when drinking it! My favorite is half and half! The Honey Green Tea is a close second! Thanks for a wonderful product!

  3. Okay, not an easy one to answer! I'll have to go for the Honey Green Tea. Delicious any time of the year. Thanks!

  4. I love the pomegranate and the half tea/half lemonade! I wish there were was a store in my area that sold a case of Honest Tea!

  5. I've been a long-time lover of Honest Tea. Your product blows the lids off all those other so-called "teas." My favorites are Peach Oo-La-Long, Lori's Lemon, Mango White and Moroccan Mint, however if absolutely forced to I would gladly drink all the other flavors without protest. It would be WONDERFUL if you did direct to the consumer sales. I would buy cases. Can never have too much Honest Tea!

  6. I adore the honey green tea and the Arnold Palmer style half tea/ half lemonade 🙂 Both super refreshing.

  7. I love the idea of a mixed box. I have never tried this product before, do would love to try all the different favors!

    1. You can enter the giveaway here: http://www.obviously-marvelous.com/2015/05/29/honestly-loving-honest-tea-giveaway/.

  8. I currently tried a new water/beverage that is totally clear of additives, and yours this iced tea product is a wonderful alternative to those filled with chemicals. Just natural. we need more products like this.
    I found the location finder and know where to get this close to home.

  9. I actually have never tried any of the Honest Tea products, but would love too for free! 🙂
    The unsweetened lemon looks good.

  10. I like Honest Tea in many different flavors, I think I would love to try the Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Tea, have not found it yet.

  11. I would love to receive a case of Honest Tea as a late birthday gift! My favorite favors are Pomegranate Blue, Honey Green, and Half Tea/Half Lemonade. I would Iike to try them all, so a mixed case would be the best.

  12. The Army moved us to El Paso, TX this past year – from Rockville, MD (right up the street from Bethesda). I thought I'd never see Honest Tea again 🙁 I'm happy to report, it can be found here!!!! It's not always easy, but I have been able to get my fix a few times and my commissary even sells boxes of Honest Kids! If I win, I'm going for the Mango White… haven't seen that one here yet!

    1. So glad you found Honest Tea in Texas! Have you tried using the store locator on our website: https://www.honesttea.com/store-locator/?

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