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Enter For A Chance To Win Honest Kids

With just a few weeks left of summer break, now’s the time for parents to start mentally prepping for the lunchtime routine.  You’ve read about the tips and recipes available at Rock the Lunchbox and now our friends at the blog The Mom 100 are giving away a week’s worth of Honest Kids to 10 winners. Enter here for a chance to win.


Now’s the time to give your kid(s) a  refreshing, organic beverage that they’ll love—and you’ll love that it’s sweetened only with real fruit juice. It comes in five fun varieties: Appley Ever After, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, Super Fruit Punch, and Tropical Tango Punch.


Which is the favorite in your family (the drink, not the child)?

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134 thoughts on “Enter For A Chance To Win Honest Kids

  1. We honestly love All Honest Kids drinks!! Thanks for making a drink that is organic and good for our kids. 🙂

  2. My daughter loves all of them, but Berry Berry Good Lemonade and Super Fruit Punch are her favorites. Love that they are organic and good ingredients. Thanks for making a great juice for kids.

  3. My boys absolutely love every Honest Kids flavor!! However, I think if we had to choose just one, Berry Berry Good Lemonade would be it (It seems to disappear the fastest)!!!

  4. My all-time favorite is the Honest Tea Pomegranite/blueberry. I have requested it so much at my local Lowe's then now finally stock it all the time!.

  5. I'm impressed that you went on a safari. Must have been exciting. I tried several time unsuccessfully to enter my birth year. It's 1950. My grandchildren would love your Honest Kids products.

  6. Our family's favorite drink is Appley Ever After,it has just enough sweetness for our children and for my husband and I. It has a very crisp and refreshing taste that quenches our thirst anytime of the day. If it is at lunchtime or during baseball season I know we can always count on the honest kids drinks to get us through our day! One of the best things is they are very affordable and they are so much better for us then any other kids drink that is filled with sugar and artificial flavored. Thank you Honest Tea and Honest Kids Drinks for being such a wonderful company!!

  7. Our family is a proud consumer for honest drinks. My kids absolutly love it and the adults mix them with their shakes.

  8. My whole Family, including Myself love the Fruit Punch! But of course my daughter calls it Watermelon Juice because of the big watermelon picture. She can't go without it. She doesn't like drinking anything else and I Don't blame her cause it is delicious!!

  9. My family doesn't get a lot of juice pouches. When I do buy them, it's Honest Kids. So my boys just enjoy getting any flavor. 🙂

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