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Fair Trade: What Does It Mean?

Strolling down the grocery store aisle, have you noticed the Fair Trade logo and wondered what it represents?  Here are the quick facts on Fair Trade: half-half Fair Trade certification is all about empowering farmers and consumers alike to fight poverty through better trade.  Commodities certified Fair Trade include coffee, cocoa and of course tea, among others. We work closely with Fair Trade USA, a non-profit committed to helping companies and farmers uphold fair labor standards in compliance with International Labor Organization standards.  Tea leaves grown in the Fair Trade communities must pass a rigorous third party inspection to ensure quality and environmental standards. kaye_130502_6093_small

Each time you purchase a Fair Trade Certified™ item, a “premium” is added to the market price paid that goes back to the community for development projects.  A joint counsel of workers from the tea garden decides how they money will be spent.  Over the years, HONEST Tea’s Fair Trade premiums have been directed toward school supplies, a computer learning center and bio-gas stoves.  In 2012 our Fair Trade premiums amounted to $126,304 given back to our partner tea garden communities.  Since joining in partnership with Fair Trade USA in 2005 HONEST Tea has been able to raise $397,000 in premiums and brew 1.1 million pounds of Fair Trade Tea!  We couldn’t have done it without the support of HONEST fans everywhere.

To learn more about Fair Trade or to enter to win various Fair Trade Certified™ goods (including HONEST Tea!) this month, check outBeFair.org or watch this fun video.

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