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Honest Tea Now Available at Wendy’s

Wendys Tropical Green Tea (13 of 13)

It’s an exciting time at Honest Tea. We’re proud to launch a delicious, real brewed, organic certified iced tea that uses Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients exclusively for Wendy’s® customers – Honest® Tropical Green Tea. This launch is especially exciting as it marks a major milestone on our journey as a brand to bring organic certified iced tea & Fair Trade Certified ingredients to people across the nation.

Honest Tropical Green Tea is a blend of organic & Fair Trade Certified green tea leaves and cane sugar with hints of mango and pineapple flavors. This refreshing new iced tea variety is freshly brewed daily in each Wendy’s restaurant.

Help us spread the word- head on over to the closest Wendy’s and snap the best photo of you and your friends enjoying a #RefreshinglyHonest Honest Tropical Green Tea. Put it on social media and use the hash tag #SipMeUp.

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87 thoughts on “Honest Tea Now Available at Wendy’s

    1. Too sweet. Needs more tea and less sugar. The caffeine keeps me awake at night. Wendy's needs a herbal tea without sugar and caffeine. Thanks for making a step in the right direction.

      1. Thanks for the honest feedback. Have you tried any of our teas in the glass bottles? You may love those as all have less sugar. We recommend trying the Moroccan Mint Green Tea or Assam Black Tea.

  1. I can't wait to try the tea it sounds really yummy and I can't wait to try it when it comes out

      1. It is soooo good. I used to go to McDonald's specifically because of their tea but I fell head over heals for this green tea at Wendy's. It is above and beyond tastier and far healthier. And this is coming from someone who generally does not like green tea.

      2. Love this tea! I make a special stop at Wendy's just for this tea! Now, can you tell me where I can buy it in supply so I can always have it on hand?? That would make me one happy customer!

      3. Yay! Glad you're a fan of Honest Tropical Green Tea. We only sell that one at Wendy's, but most major retailers carry our other iced teas. If you like Honest Tropical Green Tea, try our Honey Green Tea and Peach Tea in the plastic bottles. Let us know what you think!

      1. Glad you're a fan! Have you tried any of our unsweetened, zero calories teas in our bottles? We recommend trying Just Green Tea of Cinnamon Sunrise in the glass bottles.

  2. I love Wendys Ice tea. Its part of my ritual,for 15 years.The best ice tea in the world……NOW I CANT GET IT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SWITCHED TO SOME ORGANIC YUCKSTUFF… WTF NO MORE WENDYS FOR ME

    1. Wendy's should still be selling their other tea. They just added another option to the mix: Honest Tropical Green Tea.

  3. Dear Sir or Madam:

    Can you please tell me how I an enter your contest. I'm having problems on line doing this.I can be reached at (61a) 649-3161.

    Kind regards
    Barbara Grabosky

    1. You can enter the contest here: http://www.mommyfactor.net/2015/04/summer-with-honest-watermelon-lemonade.html. Our friend, MommyFactor, is running the contest, so reach out to her if you're still having problems. Good luck on winning!

  4. Have tried it. A bit sweet for my taste but I value the organic label. I will order it before a soda any day! Keep up the healthy choices.

  5. Hoping it didn't have sugar. Love your company, but you really need more unsweetened varieties. Most that want organic tea, also want to eliminate sugar.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. Have you tried our Unsweet Lemon Tea in the plastic bottle or any of these in the glass bottle: Just Green, Just Black, Cinnamon Sunrise, or Ginger Oasis? All of those are zero calorie and unsweetened.

    1. Good news! It does not have high fructose corn syrup. It has organic sugar cane. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

    1. Honest Tropical Green Tea is not caffeine free, but we have many varieties that are. He should try our Cinnamon Sunrise, Ginger Oasis, and Pomegranate Red in the glass bottles found in the natural food aisle.

      1. They need to have their Tea labeled decaffeinated if it is. The person at the drive through said it was decaffeinated. I had to come to this website to see that it does have caffeine.

      2. Sorry to hear that, Edith. Our iced teas in the bottles are labeled if its caffeine free or not. We'll pass on tour feedback to Wendy's as they continue to serve Honest Tea Tropical Green Tea.

      3. I work at Wendy's and I've always insisted that green tea has caffeine. My managers claim that the nutrition facts do not include caffeine, so they don't think it has it. They can't give a straight answer to the customers who ask about this. This should be made more clear, especially for a company with the word "honest" in its name.

      4. Green tea has caffeine in it and it says that on all of our products in the glass and plastic lines. We're not sure how Wendy's marks the nutrition, but ask your store manager to ask them to include it. Hope this helps!

      5. Your workers need to be better informed. I was also told at the drive through that the green tea was decaffeinated. I have to limit my caffeine because of the medication I take. I know decaf isn't completely decaffeinated. But it doesn't interfere with my medication if I have 1 glass. But half of the caffeine green tea I just drank after being told it was decaf has my heart rate up! Thanks!

      6. Thanks for letting us know, Jennifer, and sorry about that. Yes, green tea does have some caffeine in it. We'll pass on your feedback to the Wendy's team.

  6. Is the blueberry tea exactly the same as the one in the bottle ? I thought The one in Wendy's had about 170 cal is that just because of the serving size?

    1. Hi, Jane. The only iced tea we have at Wendy's is Honest Tropical Green Tea. We don't make Wendy's Blueberry Tea, but we do make an iced herbal tea called Pomegranate Blueberry in the plastic bottles found at most major grocery stores. Hope this helps!

      1. Calories and sugar are 2 different things. I addressed the sugar content. I wish you made a more healthy option

    1. @Jen: LOL. 60 calories = MAYBE a maximum of 15 grams of sugar for this tea. NOT 33 grams, can you do simple math?

      Plus it's REAL SUGAR. Not corn syrup B.S. or a no/low-cal sugar substitute which will give you make you fat as and give you an immune disorder such as type 2 Diabetes.

      I'm at Wendy's now, just ate sea salt fries, full of B-vitamins and trace minerals as well as some fiber as Wendy's does not strip the fries of this nutrition basic. Sippin up the Honest Green Tea and LOVE it. Feels really good to have a high quality drink served at a low priced fast food chain. PLEASE don't ever stop serving it!

  7. I'm drinking the tea right now…very tasty, very refreshing. I love that it's organic and the mango, pineapple flavor it's fantastic! Just the right amount of sweetness.

  8. We stopped at a Wendy's on a road trip and I haven't been in one in at least a decade. Was thrilled to see that they had Honest Tea and even more thrilled that is was 'just a tad sweet' just like all of their other flavors that I love. This one thing will make me go back to Wendy's on a more regular basis. The only thing I was upset about was that they wouldn't give free refills even though you can get free refills for their yucky soda offerings. Oh well…

  9. Are there tannins in the honest tea at wendeys? I cannot have tannins and am having trouble finding teas wothout tannins. I am excited that the honest company is in Wendeys with a healthy choince.

    1. Good question, Yvonne. E-mail us your question and our team will get back to you right away: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Hope this helps!

  10. Just stopped at Wendy's outside of Barry, IL, passing through. Hadn't been in years but was thrilled to find that they're carrying Honest Tea!!! The Tropical Green was awesome!! I'm so excited to have a reasonably priced, drive through drink to be able to grab when I get back home! Big organic tea fan, so this was great to find!!!
    P.S. Pleasantly surprised by the Apple Pecan salad as well, it was great!

    1. Good question. Ask your local Wendy's and see if they can do it. It usually comes sweetened already, but they brew it fresh each day so it may be possible. Hope this helps!

  11. This is so bad I have tried the tea and it doesn't taste good it's taste like fruit water and now I can't even get my usual of the orange mango fruitea it's so good but now I can't have it because of this stupid fruit water it doesn't even taste anything like green tea I disapprove

  12. How much caffeine is in this tropical green tea??? I was told it was caffeine free and just shared one with my 18 month old son!!
    I can't find out how much caffeine is in this anywhere!

    1. Good question. The Honest Tropical Green Tea is not caffeine-free. Email us to get the exact caffeine count: sethandbarry@honesttea.com.

  13. When I order unsweetened tea I expect just that….unsweet tea flavored tea!! Not something that tastes like watered down peach Nestea.

    I am not a fan at all!!

  14. Now just BRING BACK WENDYS FRIES!! those sea salt fries you guys serve are too salty! I miss the days of going to Wendy's and just getting a Frosty and fries.

  15. Well I just tried the Honest Green Tea. I just about puked. It tastes like liquid plastic. Very Gross!!!
    I had to throw it out! even though I was very thirsty I just couldn't bear to drink plastic.
    I drink natural green tea daily. Maybe I am just not used to the Chemicals you use that you label as 'Honest'.

    Love the chilli and frosties though!!!
    And your awesome salads!

    wish you would bring back the Baja salad.

    Thank you

    1. Thanks for your honest feedback, Glen. Our Honest Tropical Green Tea uses organic ingredients and does not contain chemicals. Sorry you're not a fan of the taste. Next time try one of our Honest Tea in the plastic bottles like Peach Tea or Raspberry Tea.

  16. Stopped at Wendy's today just for the green ..the first time I tried it it was awful I guess they mixed it wrong but I was brave and tried it two weeks later and found it very flavorful a little on the sweet side but refreshing. ..didn't know it had caffeine so I'm awake and writing comments. ..lol. also love the fresh lemonade. ..thx..good night maybe

  17. Absolutely LOVE the Honest Organic Tropical Green Tea………….I get one every day on my way home from work!!

    Is there any way to buy the packs of powder mix that Wendy's gets so that we can make pitchers of it ourselves at home?
    It's got to be cheaper than paying $2.69 a cup a tea! =)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this tea!

    1. Glad you're a fan of Honest Tropical Green Tea! Unfortunately, we don't sell packets, but we'll pass this onto our team. In the meantime, keep on going back to Wendy's for a refreshing, organic Honest Tropical Green Tea!

  18. Not being familiar with Honest Tea's product….ordering it for the first time at Wendy's today wasn't actually a pleasant experience, as most green tea doesn't have that mango/pineapple flavoring you use.
    A big negative for this green tea drinker! I expected it to be too sweet, but that flavoring was just gross!

    1. Hi, Karen. So sorry to hear it wasn't a pleasant experience. Have you tried our Classic Green Tea or Honey Green Tea in the bottles? You may like those!

  19. Your Honest Tea at Wendy's does not taste like brewed tea – instead it tastes more like a mix, with flavoring. I can just tell . . . I've been drinking brewed iced tea all my life. Sweet tea was way too sweet. Yuck. I hope you guys fix this – I can go across the street to McDonalds for a large brewed iced tea for 99cents and I can SEE them brewing it. . . .

    1. Hi, Steven. The Honest Tropical Green Tea is brewed fresh daily and it's real brewed tea like all of our teas in the plastic and glass bottles. Hope this helps!

  20. I love the honest green tea at wendys. I tried it because I needed to get off carbonated and caffeine beverages – Drs orders. Later I found out that green tea does have some caffeine, but I can't find on the wendys site how much is in the wendys honest green tea. Can you tell me?

    1. Hi, Kathy. Green tea does have some caffeine in it. If you want a no caffeine tea, try our herbal teas like Pomegranate Blueberry and ORange Mango in the plastic bottles. Hope this helps!


  22. Love the tea! It's worth paying more for. Very glad it's made with cane sugar and not HFCS. I assume there's honey in it as that taste is distinctive. Am I right?

    1. Hi, Maureen. Glad you're a fan. It's sweetened with only organic sugar cane, not honey. Hope this helps!

  23. I tried the green tea today. Honestly, it was good, but I'm always trying to find healthier alternatives. I ride my bike with a friend, and we sometimes stop for a refreshing drink. The recommended daily limit for sugar is 25mg. Your tea has 33mg. I would like something under 10 mgs. Why can't you aim for a lower number? Everyone I know is trying to do the right thing. Fast food drinks still have too much sugar content and we don't need it.
    As far as the Zero tea drinks, I'm not sure if they are organic or have added chemical additives or have sugar free "substitutes", as I would not want that either. Please advise.
    You went in the right direction, but please lower the sugar content. Thank you.

    1. Hi Deborah. Thanks for writing in. We have a variety of organic iced teas that are unsweetened making them zero calorie- Unsweet Lemon Tea, Cinnamon Sunrise, Ginger Oasis, Just Green, and Just Black. Give one of those a try and let us know what you think!

  24. I love the Honest Mango Orange tea. I am addicted! It is sold at the Wendy's by my gym. Much more refreshing than a $14 protein shake!

  25. Can you buy the blueberry pineapple tea at any stores (other than Wendy's)? I'm obsessed but would rather buy a bottle than a disposable cup.

    1. hi Bre! Our Tropical Green Tea is an exclusive variety for Wendy's. You can also try our Honey Green Tea (in plastic bottles and available at most grocery and convenience stores) or our Green Dragon Tea (in glass bottles and in the natural food aisle of grocery stores or at natural food stores). Thanks for the lovely comments about the tea!

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