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Honey Green Tea and Half & Half Take the Gold!


We never got into brewing tea to win awards – we just thought using organic, fair trade ingredients and sweetening them ‘Just a Tad’ tasted great.  So the fact that both Men’s Health & Women’s Health Magazines recently chose to recognize two of our beverages with honors is exciting, and we had to share the news!

Men’s Health Magazine, for the 7th year in a row, named Honey Green its “Best Bottled Tea” because “this antioxidant-packed tea tastes bright, clean and only slightly sweet.”

Women’s Health Magazine, for the 3rd year in a row, named our Half & Half a “2014 Supermarket Star” for having just the right amount of sweetness. They wrote “With less sugar than your average bottled tea, you know the buzz you’re getting from this organic Arnold Palmer isn’t a corn-syrup high.”

So that’s why the editors of those magazines drink our beverages. What are your reasons?

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7 thoughts on “Honey Green Tea and Half & Half Take the Gold!

  1. I think its very good as well, so why change the ingredients? 1% less juice , a touch more sodium?, and stevia leaf extract.
    The taste is different. I won't be buying it anymore if this is the way it will stay.

      1. Hi J–Apologies for the delay in responding! We're actually going back to the original recipe for Half & Half. We've been hearing from fans that they don't like the addition of stevia, so we're taking it out! Check back in about a month–the bottle will still have the new graphics on the label, but will say "3% juice" on the back near the Nutrition Facts panel. We hope you'll stick with us and thank you for getting in touch!

    1. Thanks for your comment. We've heard from consumers and are in the process of switching back the formula for half & half to the one that you love. It should be back on store shelves by the end of February. Thanks for your patience, support and feedback.

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