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Introducing Our New “T”

Flying V

As many of you have already noticed, we’ve made some changes to the labels, bottles and formulations of our plastic (PET) bottle line. It’s always a grueling process when we create a new look for our brand, but we’re thrilled with the results.  The biggest ingredient change is that we took our Honest Ade blends and reformulated them into herbal teas. We’re infusing them with premium ingredients such as organic & Fair Trade Certified hibiscus, and essences of organic orange peel & organic lemon balm.  With these recipes, we kept the core taste and ingredient profiles, but in each variety we found that by infusing the line with organic hibiscus and lemon peel, we were able to make the beverages taste even better and more effectively communicate a tea identity for our entire line of 16.9oz. beverages.

One of the benefits of this move is that all of our PET drinks will now be labeled as Honest Tea, and they should appear together on the same shelf (our Honest Ade drinks often got stranded over in the juice aisle) in our new, taller bottles.  We will admit that we weren’t sure if herbal teas would work, but in each case we found ourselves liking the new drinks even better — the hibiscus makes Pomegranate Blue taste even fruitier, the lemon balm makes Orange Mango taste smoother and the lemon peel gives Cranberry Lemonade an extra tart note.

Please give them a try and let us know what you think by sharing your photos on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.

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122 thoughts on “Introducing Our New “T”

    1. Hi Theresa–Pomegranate Blue is now a refreshing herbal tea and juice drink! Rather than being strictly juice-based (as it was under the "Honest Ade" label), we've added in some organic hibiscus and made it an herbal tea. The taste is very similar–go ahead and give it a try! We'd love to hear your feedback.

      1. This doesn't taste like tea at all! It's almost 100% juice taste and it's pretty sweet, not at all what I was expecting which was a lightly sweetened tea. The 2nd ingredient begins water is sugar! Then juice. Not good. Definitely bummed and don't find it to be honest description on your front since it's not called a juice drink.

      2. Thanks for letting us know. Ingredients are listed in order by weight hence why sugar is listed second. It weighs much more than tea. If you're looking for a less sweet option, try one of our five unsweetened, zero calorie varieties like Cinnamon Sunrise or Unsweet Lemon. Hope this helps!

    2. Why would you make unhealthy changes to a healthy product? It just doesn't make sense. So many companies are making their products better for people by reducing artificial ingredients and sugar and I'm finding out that you did just the opposite. So disappointing. I'll have to cancel my automatic subscription. These products needed no changes!

      1. Hi, Lisa. What changes are you referring to? All of our products use organic and fair trade certified ingredients.

  1. I purchased Organic Half and Half the other day only to find out that it has artificial sugar (of course natural) . I buy your products by the cases. Needless to say I became very sick as i react to all products that are like stevia and other artificial sweetners. This was not a fun experience.

    1. hi Noemys–thanks for reaching out. We've been hearing from our fans that they don't like the addition of stevia to Half & Half, so we've made the change back to the original recipe. At this time, all of our other teas (and Half & Half will be shortly as well) are either unsweetned or sweetened with organic cane sugar, agave syrup, or honey. The original recipe should be back on store shelves in a few weeks, and will have the new bottle and new label, but will say "3% juice" on the back and the stevia will be omitted from the ingredient list. Please send us an email at talktous@honesttea.com because we'd like to replace your case!

      1. Oh, I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. My husband and I both love your teas, and I was thrilled to get him off Coke and onto your Half & Half but then the stevia switch was poorly received in our household. I've been scouring the net looking for "old" cases, but I am so so so SO relieved to read here that Honest Tea is listening to its customers and making the switch back. Bravo! What a refreshing company, and what a refreshing "T"! 🙂

    1. hi Tonya–thanks for the great compliment! You can find our Orange Mango Flavored Herbal Tea at most mainstream grocery and convenience stores–check out our store locator on our website (www.honesttea.com) or email our team at sethandbarry@honesttea.com (they can track down the specific variety in your area!).

  2. I ordered 3 cases from Amazon because it had the original bottle's picture. They sent the new stuff and I cannot give it away. I really dislike it. When will retailers have the okd formula again? I feel like I am having withdrawal symptoms

    1. Thanks for your candid feedback, Sandy. Which variety are you referring to? E-mail us: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Thanks!

  3. Just grabbed a bottle of the retooled peach tea. Did the calories increase? Also, it tastes much sweeter now, and I kind of preferred the less sweet version. Any chance you'll roll back the changes on this one, too?

    1. Good question! We recently changed Peach White Tea to Peach Tea by switching to all black tea for the base (instead of a combination of black and white teas), and gave it a juicier peach taste with more organic peach puree. This variety started out with an all-white tea base back when it debuted in 2008, and we’ve tinkered with it several times over the years as we’ve gotten feedback from our fans. We really appreciate that you took the time to get in touch and share your comments with us!

      1. I've been a fan of the Peach White Tea for years now, and while I appreciate the need to tinker with the recipe, I much prefer the white tea. It had a lovely balance of flavor. The new tea does indeed have a juicier peach taste but it is almost overwhelming. Please consider bringing the Peach White Tea back!

      2. Thanks for your candid feedback, Alex. We'll let our team know. We want to listen to what you all think!

      3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one missing the old Peach White Tea. It was my go to drink when I wanted to treat myself to something just a tad sweet, but now it tastes as sweet as peach teas of other brands. I'm sad to see my favorite drink go. I really hope it gets changed back.

      4. Agreed — the peach white tea was better *and* had less calories! I hope you change it back, otherwise we'll have to look for alternatives..

      5. Thanks for the candid feedback. Have you tried the Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle. If you liked Peach White Tea, you may like Peach Oo-La-Long!

    1. We didn't change Raspberry Tea, but e-mail us more details and we'll get to the bottom of it: sethandbarry@honesttea.com.

  4. I have drank all of the honest teas for several years and love them – as has my whole family and some close friends. We all noticed that with the new switched bottles – the taste is not the same. The lemon tea and the peach tea are both far inferior. The green tea seems changed too, but more modestly. I suspect the raspberry tea has been changed as well. With respect to the lemon and peach teas, they both seem to have a sweeter and a more watery taste, with less actual tea taste. They essentially taste like they have been diluted with sugar water. People who drink honest tea drink it because of the low amount of sweetners in it and the real, authentic taste. If we wanted to drink Snapple, we would just buy Snapple. I think these changes are big mistakes and will alienate the core customer base. I will no longer drink the lemon and peach teas. Green teas are all I will have, and I drink fewer of those than I used to as well…Please roll back these changes, and I (and other loyal customers) will return…Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your candid feedback, Steven. Would you mind e-mailing us your concerns and someone from our team will get back to you: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. We take your feedback seriously!

  5. I agree with Steven completely. I am deeply saddened to agree that the taste of honest tea has been ruined, at least for me, with the new "improvements". I thought the new tea tasted significantly worse (all varieties), so I found a store that had the old kind still in stock and bought the old bottles and compared them to the new products. The teas are all a lighter color, like the tea has not been brewed as long as previously. And, the taste is flatter in every way – much less, rich, authentic,deep taste, much more bland, sugary taste. I think honest tea must have tasted these new formulas on people who don't actually drink honest tea (who probably would never buy this brand in the first place). Or, they are just using a shorter brewing process or cheaper honey…Now this tea tastes just like other brands, which is not why it was popular or why I drank it. Please, please bring back the old formulas for all tea brands. If you must, keep some brands authentic in the old style, and label them as such. Perhaps you could call the new "improved" brands "just a tad and then a little more sweet" and the old brands "just a tad sweet". I love honest tea and have for a long time. I am hoping this is just a momentary bad dream, and my favorite beverage returns…Thank you for your consideration..

    1. Thanks for your candid feedback, Mark. Can you e-mail us which variety you're referring to: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Thanks, Mark!

  6. I've always loved your products and your Peach White Tea was my absolute favorite. I use to drink between 4-6 a day. However I absolutely hate the new formula. It is sickeningly sweet, no longer contains the nice mix of white tea I really enjoyed, has more calories and more caffeine! I love your product so much because I am sensitive to caffeine and it allowed me to drink a tea I really enjoyed throughout the day but with more subtle energy effects. I also loved how it was just moderately sweet and was smooth and refreshing. I saw some others preferred it the old way too, so I thought I'd join in, in hopes you'll consider going back if you get enough feedback! Thanks so much!

    1. We did change Peach White Tea to “Peach Tea.” We highlighted the tea by switching to all black tea, and gave it a juicier peach taste with more organic peach puree and organic cane sugar. We do take feedback seriously and we'll pass this onto our team.

  7. Really missing the peach white tea 🙁 it has the most incredible refreshing taste and I find the new one is just too sweet and fruity. The white tea blend really made it unique. The new black tea to me just tastes like anything else out there. Please consider bringing back the peach white tea!

    1. We did change Peach White Tea to “Peach Tea.” We highlighted the tea by switching to all black tea, and gave it a juicier peach taste with more organic peach puree and organic cane sugar; those changes increased the calories from 80 to 100. We do value candid feedback and will pass this onto our team. Thanks for writing in!

  8. I agree with Alex that the new peach tea is way too sweet tasting and has a overwhelming taste. Please bring back the Peach white tea. My co workers also no longer grab the new peach tea from the vending machine for they do not like the new change. You also have it listed as a white tea on your website.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. We did change Peach White Tea to “Peach Tea.” We highlighted the tea by switching to all black tea, and gave it a juicier peach taste with more organic peach puree and organic cane sugar. We do take feedback seriously and will pass this onto our team. Thanks for writing in!

  9. I really miss the old peach white tea! The new formula tastes like juice not tea, it's higher in calories and simply not good. Really disappointing for us original honest tea peach white fans.

      1. I wrote to Seth and Barry several months ago regarding the scarcity of Honest Ade. Then my son tells me that Coca-Cola had purchased the company. Seth and Barry are now happy millionaires, and Coke now no longer makes honest Ade, which is one of their competitors. Or, at least, it WAS! They simply bought them out of business! The boys are ultimately very happy, but the consumers are not. Mostof your responses thank the commenters with:"thank you for your candid response, etc." and I, too am very unhappy. I have tried to order up to 20 cases at a time from distributors, ShopRite, Pathmark, etc. But they all call me up and say come and get your honest TEA! No more organic, lower sugar, lower calories, great tasting ADE available, thanks to Coke! Looks like flavored seltzer for me from now on.

      2. We are owned by Coca-Cola, but we are still run independently out of Bethesda, Maryland and Seth still runs the company. Our commitment to organic, just a tad sweet beverages has not changed and the amount of organic ingredients we have purchased keeps on going up. We transitioned the Honest Ade line to an Herbal Tea line to return to our roots as a tea company. They taste the same and you can find them still at stores near you. Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks for the honest feedback. We'll pass it off to our team. We take your feedback seriously!

  10. Whatever you have done to my beloved half&half drink, PLEASE revert the changes! It has gone from a delicious, refreshing drink to an atrocious, gag-inducing concoction that makes cough syrup seem appealing. While the packaging changes are fine, why did you guys feel the need to deviate away from a formula that was working and creating profit? My friends and coworkers all feel the same way, and around my local college campus I have taken notice that whenever I saw an Honest Tea bottle in the garbage, it almost looked as though the drink had not even been opened because the person barely even took a sip from the bottle before realizing what a mistake they've made and toss the bottle. That's a huge red flag, and soon enough I'm confident I wont see any of those bottles in the trash can because nobody will be buying the product. We'll be taking our business elsewhere until the half&halfs are changed back to normal

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback, Kenny. We did change the formula to include stevia, but we've listened to our fans and changed the recipe back. The original recipe should be back on shelves!

      1. When is this going to happen? I have looked every week for a few months now, and I see no change back to the original Half n' Half recipe. It's killing me!

      2. Good question. The change happened already, but each retailer will carry the old formula until it runs out.

      3. Still no progress has been made. It seems odd that you guys would have an eight month supply of a formula. When do you predict the old Half and Half will be back?

      4. Hi, Lilly. The old formula should be be on shelves now. Email us where you are finding the old formula and we'll look into it: sethandbarry@honesttea.com.

  11. One more vote for bringing back the white peach tea. I drank it with my lunch every day. It was the perfect amount of sweet, unlike pretty much all of the other iced teas out there. You had a really good thing going there. The new stuff is way too sweet and I have a case of it just sitting there that I don't really want to drink…

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. We definitely take it seriously and will pass it off to our team. In the meantime, we recommend trying the Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle.

  12. I agree with a lot of the commenters on this entry: The new recipes are not as good. In particular, the new Peach Tea and the new Orange Mango do not taste good to me, and they used to be my favorites. I have cancelled my subscriptions for them at Amazon. And the new Half and Half is not as good – just barely passable. (By the way – you state above the new label will say 3% juice… but the ones I have say 2% juice.)
    The big problem is – you have made the new drinks just too sweet and sugary. The new Peach tea tastes like a sugary peach soda – you cannot really taste the tea anymore. The Half and Half looks and tastes weak, and the Orange Mango has lost the sublime mellow flavor that used to set it apart.

    Here's hoping you go back to the old flavors. Oh, and stevia never was a good idea. I got some bottles of the old "not too sweet tea" with stevia and had to throw them out…

  13. I have been a huge fan of the peach white tea for many years. I buy multiple cases of it at a time and drink 2-3 bottles a day. It was perfectly sweet-not too much– and there is nothing out there quite like it. But now it's too sweet. I can't drink it anymore. It tastes almost like Snapple. It's really sad. I don't normally get so passionate about a product like I did for Honest Tea. (I also drink the green honey). I was an evangelist among my friends. I've never written about any product online before. But this tea was important to me.
    Please, please bring back the original peach white tea!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  14. I drink 10-15 small on the go bottles a week at work and during my commute daily,and have the 64 oz bottles for at home. I drink it all day every day and rarely drink anything else. Reason I'm writing today is I'm not very happy with the changes. I notice a distinct difference in taste in the half and half. I've compared indgredients and I've noticed the juice content is now 2% instead of 3%. This to me gives me the taste of garden hose water. Also there was stevia in one of the first batches after the label change which made it undrinkable. Fortunately the stevia I've noticed is not a permanent indgredient and hasn't been in any other bottles with the new label since that one batch. When I say batch I mean 1 trip to the grocery store or wal mart where I'll purchase 14 small bottles and 3 large per week. I'm hoping that my message gets thru to Seth and Barry and that they change the recipe back to the old one. And whatever you do no STEVIA!!!!

    1. We hear you, Adam, and we have changed it back to the original recipe without stevia. The original formula should be back on shelves soon!

  15. Another disappointed Peach WHITE Tea fan here.

    Just got my first bottle yesterday (previously enjoyed the 'old' kind in the mix packs from Costco), Won't make that mistake again. Too sweet. Too overwhelmingly peach.

    New one seems more "tad tea" than anything else.

  16. Very disappointed with the change to the Peach White Tea. I loved the light, refreshing flavor- the peach was an accent to the tea. Now it tastes like a peach drink, not like tea, and far too sweet. The just a tad sweet was perfect, now ruined for me. I hope you bring it back… I bought it by the case! I've already read your explanation to other feedback, just wanted to cast my vote with everyone else.

    If you have any leftover cases of the previous white tea recipe, please ship my way!!

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. We do take it seriously and will pass it onto our team. Have you tried the Peach-Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle? You may like that one!

  17. Let me be candid as well. Several of your teas are ruined. They are now sugar water. We
    can pretend to be friendly and you can feign personal concern, but you at Honest have a
    problem. If it wasn't broke, then don't fix it, unless pressures from a corrupt and unsustain-
    able global economy forced your company like every other to cheap out and blast the
    public with the cheapest sugar-heavy product you can get away with. Always liked your
    stuff, it was well conceived, but (as someone else here mentioned) it now tastes like
    teeth rotting Snapple. Several teas have lost their delicate refined taste. A taste that
    was carefully created for adults. The new formulas are insulting, given what we are used to
    from Honest Tea. Did you just decide your consumer base suddenly has the collective
    taste buds of of an eight year old sugar fiend? You can pass along the candid feedback
    to your team all you'd like, but someone made a dumb decision in your ranks, and it
    came down to cost. That in itself is bizarre and highly indicative of a diseased economy
    when you are making something for roughly 30 cents a bottle and it retails for 1.69 for
    a 16 ounce bottle and decide to change the formula to cut cost. That is pretty sorry.
    Stevia is also horrible. Although natural, it tastes so foreign and synthetic, it must be
    Chinese Stevia you can get a dumpster of it for a few bucks. I'm sorry, are you getting
    this? You are Pepsi now, you are Burger King. You make a goofy, cheap ass product.
    You are trying to get away with something, because you are a corporation. Didn't
    start out that way, there was a desire to improve something, but it's over.

    I will say "you're welcome" in advance for my candor. Pass it on to your team that
    you are in grave danger of becoming Dishonest Tea.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. Please call or e-mail us: 1-800-865-4736 or sethandbarry@honesttea.com. We'd love to hear which varieties you have concerns with.

  18. Thank you for the years your products were tastefully done. I sincerely mean that.
    Please tell a human in management that Honest Tea (before being purchased by
    Coca Cola) was excellent. This will be my last entry here as I am tired of a robot
    thanking me for my candor when I post. Any US food corporation has very little
    respect for the average consumer because people have been trained to ingest
    diabetes level sugar, meat, caffeine, alcohol and pharmaceuticals on a daily
    basis. The culture sends you to the hospital, and there, they ruin you further.
    Then you graduate and get a handicapped placard to display for the best
    parking spots so you can hobble into Target or Walmart. Humanity is so
    beautiful, no wonder we kill off entire species so that we can have waves of
    idiots in tract housing. I am now off point, but am I? Honest Tea represented
    a conscious decision not to be so sugar happy, so unhealthy. A humane
    and sustainable approach. The business model and its original tenets are
    now gone, swallowed by a marketing coup. Anyway, thanks Seth and Barry.
    What to do? It's only tea, with 5 dollars and some lemons from my backyard,
    I think that I will go make a few gallons.

    1. We appreciate your viewpoint. We do our best to reply to every question and comment we receive. The last 6 products we've debuted have been zero-calorie, unsweetened beverages. In fact, 13 of our 44 teas are zero calories and none exceed 100 calories. We are still very much committed to infusing the beverage industry with organic, "just a tad sweet" beverages.

  19. I thought i was crazy when i started tasting a difference in the honey green tea with the switch over to the new bottle. Then i was able to find one of the old bottles in a store and did a taste test for myself. The old recipe had a much more tea like taste to it, while the new recipe tasted more watery despite the fact the sugar and sodium levels increased slightly. I also miss the peach white tea and just a tad sweet teas which i see are no longer available I loved you Honest Tea and you are breaking my heart 🙁

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. Our Honey Green Tea recipe hasn't changed, but you will see a slight increase in the calculations for sodium, but the recipe wasn't changed. Due to lack of demand, we discontinued the Not Too Sweet Tea and we replaced Peach White with Peach Tea by converting the tea leaves to black tea. If you're interested, here's a great article from our TeaEO, Seth Goldman, on how we decide to discontinue a variety: http://www.inc.com/seth-goldman/i-love-you-youre-fired.html.

      1. i'm a huge, long time fan of your Honey Green Tea and glad to hear that the recipe hasn't changed but i've been getting bottles that taste off, slightly metallic with a fruity note i don't recognize. i've just had two in a row. this has happened before. i have two of these a day so i can tell immediately. am i the only one experiencing this?
        thanks and great product.

      2. Thanks for letting us know. Email our team and they will help you: sethandbarry@honesttea.com. Thanks, Bruce!

      3. I've had the same experience with the honey green tea: it has a strong metallic taste, like putting coins in my mouth, which is extremely unappealing. It happened for the first time a few months ago, and I assumed it was just a dud as it initially did not recur, but now the problem has arisen again in the last couple I've bought. Never buying this product again.

  20. I absolutely despise the new peach tea. I cannot believe how this company has ruined it with that awful overly sweet and fake flavor. I can imagine that all the other flavors must have been reformulated as well. I will no longer buy any Honest Tea. I guess Coke has sacrificed the Honest Tea consumers for those who prefer beverages with too much sugar and unnatural ingredients. Like those consumers don't have enough choices already? It's really a shame.

    1. We always welcome candid feedback. Most of our varieties we did not change. We did change Peach White to Peach Tea by transitioning the tea leaves from white to black and giving it a juicier peach taste. If you liked Peach White, try our Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle.

  21. I don't mean to beat a dead horse but I too am very disappointed with the new Peach Tea. I used to drink one bottle a day of the White Peach Tea and now with the new recipe, I don't even buy it. It is way too sweet for me. Fortunately, I found a few of the original Peach White at a Target and thoroughly enjoyed them. Yes, I have tried the Peach Oo-La-Long in a glass bottle but still prefer the discontinued Peach White.

    Having reviewed the feedback on this website, it sure seems like it might be worth considering returning to the original White Peach Tea recipe.

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your feedback and you beat us to the punch. We were going to recommend trying Peach Oo-La-Long Tea, but you've already tried that. 🙂 We'll pass your feedback to our team and in terms of bringing it back, we never say never.

      Thanks again for your feedback,

      The Honest Tea-m

  22. UGH! The new peach tea is too sweet! If I wanted something that sweet I would just drink a soda. The best thing about your teas is that they WERE just a tad sweet. Now they're not. Disappointed, to say the least.

  23. I'm not going to lie. I had no intention of coming her originally, but all the bottles I've bought recently were so odd and off tasting, I finally had to look it up. I was shocked to see this long thread. I had bought quite a few of your bottles in the past. As a tea-a-holic, and I'm sure any of your customers who seems to be fairly seasoned tea drinkers would agree, you were the only brand that made it taste like "tea", not "ambiguous sugar fruit water". That isn't the case anymore and I've noted an actual steady decline since then. Here's my experience and background with the tea:

    My favorite, by far, was your honey green tea. I used to go to the stores and it'd literally be depleted from the shelves! I want you to know I had to horde that particular type of Honest Tea years ago. If I found it, I'd take 6 bottles from the shelf, because I knew someone else would if I didn't! It was some blood bath every time I tried to find it at the health food stores, and it was a godsend when I did. Why? You were the only brand that did not only a genuine, well-brewed green tea, but the hint and quality of the honey was just so addicting. Judging by the other customers, they saw it this way too. Anyone who drinks /tea/ with real sweeteners, such as cane sugar or honey, could taste this. You were a favorite amongst actual /tea/ lovers, not Arizona "tea" fans.

    Now, fast forward a few years later, I see the tea everywhere. I'm overjoyed! My favorite green tea. I, naturally, grab some of your green tea honey bottles the moment I see them. And… they're awful. I have no idea how to put it really, but they're awful. They don't even taste like tea. I am a real connoisseur of organic products, and I'm pretty savvy to most tricks used to "stretch" products that are "natural". It's more watered down, that's for sure. The tea is definitely lighter in coloring. I can't comment on the caffeine, as I am highly caffeine sensitive regardless, but I want to say it's somehow worse. The honey that balanced it perfectly is just not there and I think you know exactly what is wrong with it. It must be a quality drop with honey. It sounds silly, but now when I see Honest Tea mass stocked, of all things, at my local drugstore and not at health food stores, I purposefully look away from it and just grab a bottle of water. I don't need to be slighted.

    I bought some of your other brands and it is VERY obvious, I want you to know, the quality decline. My memory of random ones I picked up such as the tulsi, non-sweetened green tea, and your orange/mango all have very apparent shortening on ingredients and additives of "naturals".

    What spurred me to even write this was I found your Honest Tea, again, at a gas station of all places. (Coca Cola has been nice to you, eh? No more cheap health food stores for you) I know anything I buy at a gas station is trash and consider it the graveyard to my "organic products", to be dramatic about it. Anything that claims to be such a thing there is usually owned by a huge corperation and has had a quality decline. However, I block this out since I'm a bit desperate for organic products. Honest Tea is one of the only things I see, and in the back of my mind, my past Honey Green Tea bottles and Orange Mango and Pomegranite ones are in my mind. I was not satisfied with any of them.

    I take a leap of faith since I never tried "Unsweet Lemon Tea". I've gotten off sugar lately, and although I'm sensitive to black teas, Honest Tea black tea was better than most. (You used to have a tea cup lable on the glass bottles if I remember, boasting the lower caffeine content) I enjoy lemons. This should satisfy my desire for a nice unsweetened tea, right? Before I even open the bottle, my friend in the car comments at the pure gunk at the bottom of the bottle. "What's that?" I just sort of stare at it. I know there was sort of "residue" from tea on my old green tea ones, but this is thick and the quality of black tea doesn't look quite right either. "I don't know." Is all I can reply. I haven't had your black tea in a few years, but it was definitely not swampy looking, of all things. All of them looked like that.

    I take a swig. I just… immediately put the cap back on the bottle. I'm done. What is in this? It's like what people joke about tea tasting like: dirty dishwater. It's awful not a earthy, dark tea taste at all and is murky. I honestly believe the "gunk" at the bottom was some coloring or a low quality powder tea. It did not seem brewed properly, if even. I look at my label immediately. Boy was I stupid to trust, what I thought, was my favorite old health food store tea brand.

    "Contains no fruit juice"

    What? Are you kidding me? Honest Tea's "Unsweet Lemon Tea" contains NO lemon juice. Oh, well how can it even be called that? I skim my ingredients. "Lemon extract" and I believe it had a citric acid too. That isn't anything special. I know that costs about pennies to put into a drink. It's not juice, just a weird citric acid taste. And honestly, Honest Tea? I could not taste it. Oh, and it also had "other natural flavors". A wonderful, ambiguous nondisclosure. Juding by the pure, thick layer of gunk at the bottom of my bottle, natural as mud maybe.

    I was finished with Honest Tea. I didn't think one of my favorite brands would peak and fall so freefall in such a short period. I blame the Coca Cola business. I've seen it kill literally everything it touches like this. I decided to go to a totally dry, parched plant on the road and just pour it out. I didn't care.

    I know this is a long post, but I wouldn't have made it if I didn't really enjoy your brand. It was honestly about 5 years coming and this last bottle just made me snap. I'd never dream of dousing a poor parched plant in my supposedly grade A organic Honest Tea years ago. Now it's gas station and drug store garbage. I won't ever be buying a bottle again. I'll watch carefully, maybe far down the line, if the original creators branch off and do something else. I sadly won't ever touch Honest Tea again, especially as long as it's anywhere near Coca Cola. I know their behavior with brands like this. They sweeten, water down, add caffeine or strange additives, and get rid of anything of substance. Honest Tea's name is mud.

    1. Thanks for your candid feedback and we will bring it to our team as it's important to us (especially as a loyal fan for years). In the meantime, please e-mail us this at sethandbarry@honesttea.com so we can make your experience right.

  24. I too am missing the Peach White Tea. It was the perfect blend of tea and peach flavor and wasn't too sweet. Refreshing and no sugar crash later. The new Peach Tea is just like a lot of other drinks out there, too sweet. The peach and sweetness now overwhelms the flavor of the drink.
    The old Peach White Tea was my go to drink. Now I'm looking for something else to buy. I'm even looking into creating my own just so I won't have it taken away from me again once I get a mix I enjoy.

    If you simply must have the new Peach Tea added to your drink offerings, consider having both Peach Tea and Peach White Tea. The two flavors are really very different and could not hope to satisfy the same people.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. Have you tried Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle found in the natural food aisle of most grocery stores?

  25. Missing the Costco Packs!!! Please bring them back. Costco no longer carries honest tea. Please bring back Peach White Tea, Green Tea and half and half packs at Costco. You had me hooked and discontinued them. Not cool!

  26. Did you change the unsweetened lemon tea? I drink (now 'drank') it on a daily basis. I received two utterly undrinkable shipments through Amazon and was about to complain to them when we got the same undrinkable stuff at the office.

    If you did, what drove the change? and can we please go back?

    1. We did not change the formula for Unsweet Lemon Tea. E-mail us and we'll try to get to the bottom of this: sethanbarry@honesttea.com. Thanks!

  27. I purchased the "new" organic Peach Tea the other day, thinking it was like the original, "just a tad sweet" peach white tea. This new version is "blech"! Way too sweet. There's no tea flavor, just an overwhelming peach juice flavor. PLEASE switch back to the less sweet white tea version.

    1. Thanks for your candid feedback, Becca. We did transition Peach White to Peach Tea by switching to all black tea leaves and adding a more robust peach taste. If you liked Peach White, we recommend trying Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  28. I am also very disappointed by Honest Tea’s product changes. I have been a fan of Honest Tea since 2004 due to the low sugar content and tastiness of their teas. At the time the teas had a sugar content of 8g – 11g. I recently recommended that my employer order Honest Tea as a healthy alternative to the sodas that we used to stock our pantry with. I was appalled when I saw that the Rasberry Ice teas we ordered have a sugar content of 26g. That is a total diversion from the original formula and the ‘tad sweet’ label on the bottle is just not true. I am disappointed that Honest Tea is trying to appeal to the masses as opposed to its core group of consumers that are looking for a healthy, low-sugar, refreshing ice tea.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback and we still brew organic, fair trade certified tea leaves making it "just a tad sweet." None of our teas are over 100 calories with many of them under 60 calories. We recommend ordering the glass line: https://www.honesttea.com/blog/products/peach-oo-la-long-tea/.

  29. it bothers me that companies don't get it. if it ain't broken don't fix it. the original green tea and peach tea were so much better both formulas and design. the new peach tea is too sweet that now the slogan is a lie.

    when experimenting with taste produce the original and add these sweeter teas as a new line of "slightly sweeter teas"…I just ordered 2 cases of the peach tea that now I'll either give away or mix it with water.

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. We did change Peach White Tea to Peach Tea by converting the tea to black tea and adding a bit more peach puree. Have you tried the Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle?

  30. I too dislike the new taste of the peach black tea. It is too sweet. It is sad that you are adding sugar. Instead of trying to decrease our consumption of sugar, you are increasing it. You keep saying to buy the glass peach tea, but if you are in a restaurant or convenience store, you have no choice.

    I also miss the Pearfect tea!

    1. We hear you and will pass this onto our team. When it comes to bringing back varieties, we never say never!

  31. I really LOVE Honest Tea HALF AND HALF and I drink it everyday. I buy it a lot, BUT THEN THE CHANGE CAME. I saw the new bottles and thought okay, just a new look, and then I tasted it. Right away I could tell something was different. It's not nasty, but it's not good. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORMULA, PLEASE. If the original Half and Half comes back I will continue to buy Honest Tea in large quantities like I did before.

    1. Glad you love Half Tea and Half Lemonade enough to write in. We did slightly change the recipe earlier this year, but due to great feedback from all of you, we changed it back to the original. As stores sell out of the changed recipe, you should see the original back in shelves. Hope this helps!

  32. I have read all of the comments in the thread thus far, so I know about your suggestions of the Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle, but I still wanted to echo the previous comments in regard to the Peach White Tea. I really enjoyed that it tasted like tea, but now not so much. Maybe we should go to change.org and start a petition!

    Still enjoying your other teas!


    1. We really do welcome feedback and we'll pass this onto our team. We hear you when you say Peach Oo-La-Long is not a sufficient replacement for Peach White Tea. Which other teas do you like?

  33. I thought I was going nuts that my favorite Peach White Tea was no longer available and that it would pop up again soon, but I am sad to see that the formula was changed. I have never loved a beverage enough to stalk its existence. The new peach tea is not the same. It would be so great if you brought it back! I really miss it.

    1. Thanks for letting us know. We'll pass it onto our team. Have you tried Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottle.

  34. In reference to your recipe changes, sounds like many others feel the same as most have been drinking your teas for many years. Peach with the white tea was one of may absolute favorites along with Green Tea Honey. But this year the drink has a strong Stevia- like after taste which I can not tolerate. I end up dumping out the bottle. PLEASE bring back your previous recipe!!!

    1. Thanks for the candid feedback. It's always hard discontinuing a variety. If you're curious, here's a great article by our TeaEO about how we decide to let go of one of our beloved iced teas: http://www.inc.com/seth-goldman/i-love-you-youre-fired.html.

  35. Dear Honest Tea-

    I'm very disappointed to learn that (not too) Sweet tea has been discontinued. I cannot understand why the flavors that are never on the shelf at the store are the ones that get discontinued ??? I have been a loyal Honest Tea supporter for many years now. It just seems like the flavors that everyone comes to love are replaced with flavors and or ingredients that stray from your original concept. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the influx of Coca-Cola money but it is nevertheless disheartening.

    First it was Pomegranate White Tea w/ Acai (which was by far the best Tea Honest has produced and was sorely missed by thousands of fans) and now my only replacement for that (not too) Sweet Tea is gone. Looking at the currents offerings from Honest Tea do not get me excited about the brand. At the very least give your customers some notice that a flavor is disappearing so I can buy tons of cases before I can't get it anymore. Now I’m left driving all over town to try to find the last remaining bottle of (not too) Sweet Tea just so I can have the only drink I like.

    I would find it very hard to believe that Cranberry Lemon Flavored Herbal Tea out sells (not too) Sweet Tea. The Executives making these decisions need to look at some different data !!! The reality is that most stores do not carry even half of the current offerings so there is no way they have any sales figures that would amount to anything.

    BRING BACK Pomegranate White Tea w/ Acai !!!

    Unhappy Customer

    1. Hi Jenni,

      Thanks for letting us know your thoughts. We really do value it. We were sad to see Not Too Sweet Tea go. It was a tough decision and Coca-Cola didn't have anything to do with it. Here's a great article by our TeaEO about how we decide to discontinue a variety: http://www.inc.com/seth-goldman/i-love-you-youre-fired.html.

      Hope this helps shed some light,

      The Honest Tea-m

      1. Appreciate the prompt response, unfortunately it is the typical corporate response so many other Honest Tea supporters have received. I have read the blog post about retiring product and what strikes me is that you are continuing to “develop” new products but failing to realize what you already have is working (corporate greed hard at work). Like I said in my post above, I am 100% confident that Cranberry Lemon Flavored Herbal Tea will NEVER out sell (not too) Sweet Tea. For one thing it is not even a tea (oh wait there is Hibiscus in it…lol) !!!

        I remember back when your parent company Coca-Cola thought it was a good idea to introduce “New Coke” to the world. To try to change something that had been working for decades was one of the biggest mistakes Coke ever made (really any beverage company EVER). They quickly scrambled and launched Coca-Cola Classic to tell people that it was the original formula to earn back their trust. Now, no one even remembers “New Coke” and Coca-Cola Classic was around long enough to get the bad taste out of everyone’s mouth (pun intended). It looks like Coke is at it again with Honest Tea trying to mess with things that are not broken.

        Your core customers want healthy organic products without added sugar and unnecessary ingredients. In & Out Burger, for example is very successful without having to introduce innovative options to customers. They continue to provide customers what they want and not mess with something that works. Honest Tea became successful with these core values. Somewhere along the way they have lost that and are now driven by a new set of values.

        The point of all this is that your current lineup of Honest Teas have no stand alone “Tea” product. You have (3) different versions of a Lemon Tea (don’t ask me why?) and several other versions that are more like juice (Honest Ade -another failed idea) than tea. Several restaurant chains offer your standalone Tea product so it’s confusing to me why you don’t back that up with a bottled tea without all the fluff. At the end of the day some people just want to drink tea, no added juices, no Stevia, just tea. Keep in mind I know you offer some basic teas in the glass bottle versions but those are extremely difficult to find and are not as practical as plastic bottles, not to mention more expensive than plastic bottles. And I live in Southern California, I can only imagine trying to find those in more rural areas of the country. I wanted to try the Raspberry Tea but I cannot find any retailer that stocks it.

        Oh well…. I have moved on to Pure Leaf UNSWEETENED Tea since that is real tea with NO sugar or added fluff and comes in a plastic bottle. The sad thing is I hate supporting another corporate giant 🙁

        "Former" Unhappy Customer

      2. Hi, Jenni. E-mail us and we'll send you some Raspberry Tea to try: agraff(at)honesttea(dot)com.

  36. I have been very frustrated for months that my stores were no longer carrying the Honest Ade drinks Orange Mango and Blue Pomegranate. Finally got a chance to research this online and not happy with what I am seeing here. I hate tea. I loved the very subtle flavors of the original Honest Ade drinks and after reviewing these comments, I won't even try the new "tea" versions. I am very disappointed. You may insist that Coca-Cola's ownership has not changed anything, but that hardly seems to be the case and it appears you have lost a lot of loyal customers including myself. I guess I am back to just water.

    1. Hi, Barbara. We did transition our Honest Ade line into an Herbal Tea line, but it should taste the same. We wanted to return to our roots as an iced tea company. We'll pass on your note to our team.

  37. Has the formula for "Just" Black Tea in the glass bottles changed with the new labeling? It tastes much weaker than it used to taste. I have tried other brands, but have always come back to Honest Tea, as it had the most robust tea taste, even when the ice cubes started to melt, it still had a lot of flavor. Given all the posts on this blog complaining about changes to other flavors, I suspect that the less intense taste isn't just my imagination.

    1. We did slightly change "Just" Black Tea by adding citric acid into it. The FDA has safe food handling regulations which require a certain level of acidity for shelf-stable beverages. Teas are not acidic foods, so in order to increase the acidity in our teas and comply with those regulations we use citric acid. Hope this helps!

  38. Please bring back the Peach White Tea!!! It was a perfect blend and the right sweetness. Why in the world would you change it?

    1. Hi, Paul. We did change Peach White Tea to Peach Tea since we transitioned to black tea leaves. If you were a fan of Peach White Tea, you may like the Peach Oo-La-Long Tea in the glass bottle. Have you tried that one yet?

  39. I've enjoyed Honest tea for such a long time now. Honey Green Tea and Lemon are my favorites. However, the past few times i've purchased the green tea flavor (from diff store locations) i've noticed a strong smokey taste… the lemon taste like it should. Anyone have any ideas as to why? i've check all of the expiration dates and all check out. pretty much nothing looks wrong with it but the taste isnt there for some bottles and some taste greats. what gives?

    1. Hi, Alan. Our Honey Green Tea doesn't have any lemon in it. Email us this and our team will be able to recommend other varieties: sethandbarry@honesttea.com.

  40. I was a super fan of Honest Tea the peach version, even having it shipped to my house! Told everyone how much I loved it, but since the change not so much barely tastes like tea more like juice. When Coca Cola bought the company a friend warned me things would changed but I said no way! Sad to report he was right, still drink it occasionally but I am mostly resorting to brewing my own. I just don't understand why you would tweak perfection, sad really wish you guys would just go back to the previous favors including the Sweet Tea my mom loved, one customer I am sure among many lost to Sweet Leaf Teas.

    1. Thanks for your honest feedback. We are still an independent operating unit of Coca-Cola and we still fully control our innovation and formulas. We are constantly tweaking our formulas to make them better. Sorry you're not a fan of our new Peach Tea. Have you tried Peach Oo-La-Long in the glass bottles as a replacement for Peach White Tea?

  41. I too echo the voices above me and ask that you please return to the old peach white tea formula. I loved that tea and it was my go to drink, I even bought the 64 oz bottles and tried not to guzzle them down too fast! I've tried the new formula and it's just not the same, sweeter and less tea flavor. Also I am very sensitive to caffeine and it is very difficult finding lower caffeinated (non herbal) teas and nobody sells decaf bottled tea; therefore one of the appeals of the white peach was the reduced amont of caffeine! It was just enough to give me an energy burst without too much of the negative side effects of caffeine. Not to mention, white tea has such a wonderful flavor! I know, I know "how you tried the peach oolong?" 1. Yes, I have and I don't like it and 2. It has more caffeine, which is a negative for me. I appreciate that you are trying to get back to your roots as a tea company and have gone so far as to reformulated your ADE products to include tea, therefore, as a tea company don't you think you should continue to offer a larger variety of teas, such as white teas to your product line? The world already has enough black tea and green tea products out there, it would be nice to see more white teas out there!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Destanie. We'll pass along your honest feedback. In the meantime, have you tried our Mango White Tea in the glass bottle? It's a great tasting white tea.


    That is the first time I've ever used all-caps in an online forum. There is a time and place for everything, including outrage over the new and NOT improved peach tea.

    I sorely miss the original peach tea that was truly "Just a tad sweet." The new peach tea is way beyond a tad sweet, putting it on par with every other over-sweetened tea on the market.

    Please don't respond to this by suggesting the oo-la-long tea and mango tea, which I have tried, but these are not sold as widely as the peach tea. Give the people what they want!

  43. I just bought and opened a plastic bottle of the Organic Honey Green Tea, and it tastes like chemicals. I'm completely bummed out because I don't normally buy Honest Tea anymore because it is somewhat pricey and I usually stick to water. I'm hoping there is not something wrong with my tea that is going to make me ill.

    1. Jill, thanks for letting us know. It should not taste that way. Please email our team: sethandbarry@honesttea.com.

  44. Oh wow, I didn't realize there was such a big uproar over this product. I rarely buy bottled teas. I prefer to buy the 8 and 16oz tins of dried tea leaves and tea leaf blends to make my own tea. I've always thought of mass produced bottled teas as "less healthy" or at least more questionable than making my own. So I don't know much about Honest Tea, though I will drink it if it's the only tea product around.

    The reason I found this page is because I was wondering what all the sediment at the bottom of the Honest Tea bottles was. I've had this tea before and I'm sure the stuff at the bottom isn't necessarily bad, it's just off-putting. When I buy a drink and find stuff at the bottom it always makes me think twice before I drink it and since I don't often find sediment in other drinks that's one thing that always stands out to me when I think of Honest Tea. With drinks that come with pulp there's usually a "shake well" label on them and I didn't see that on the bottle for Honest Tea. I'm just wondering what the sediment is.

    The first thing I found when I searched for an answer led me to a blog where the author said they found a clump of mold at the bottom of another brand of tea. I'm sure the sediment in Honest Tea isn't mold but after reading that it really put me off from drinking the bottle I have in front of me now. I'll put the bottle back in the fridge. Maybe later I'll be more inclined to drink it.

    Good luck with everything 'Honest Tea' wise. I'll have to try the peach one.

    1. Hi, Erin. Thanks for reaching out and glad you're a fan of Honest Tea. Good question about the sentiment. Our tea is made with real tea leaves and ingredients, a few of which end up in the bottle. It is not harmful, and when lightly shaken it will disperse into the beverage. Hope this helps!

  45. Do you sell the unsweetened "Just Black Tea" in anything bigger than 16oz bottles? If so, where can I get them?

  46. Hi I use to drink honest ade orange mango and just recently tried the new one orange mango and it tastes three times sweeter then the old one. Almost as sweet as snapple. I think it needs to be less sweeter please.

    1. Hello! Our Herbal Teas (like Orange Mango) tend to be "just a tad sweeter" than our other varieties. Thanks for letting us know – we'll pass your message along to our product development team.

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