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Enter for a Chance to Win Our NEW Watermelon Lemonade



To help keep things cool last summer, we introduced our line of Summer Refresher lemonades and limeade. We heard they went well with every occasion from the lunches to picnics – so as we were thinking of what new variety we could add to make this line even more compatible with warmer weather, visions of juicy watermelons danced through our heads. So we set out to make a deliciously refreshing Watermelon Lemonade.


Watermelon Lemonade joins Original Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, Mint Limeade, and Half &Half Lemonade & Tea for the summer exclusively at Whole Food Markets. All of these beverages are sweetened with organic, Fair Trade Certified™ cane sugar and hit that right note between tart and sweet. (In case you missed it, check out this video of our TeaEO Seth Goldman visiting farmers in Paraguay who grow Fair Trade Certified sugar).


We’re so excited for Watermelon Lemonade that we are celebrating! Our friend at MommyFactor is giving away a week’s worth of this honestly refreshing, mouth-watering Watermelon Lemonade to five lucky winners. Entering is easy.  Go to her blog here and sign up. Winners will be contacted directly at the end of the month. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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571 thoughts on “Enter for a Chance to Win Our NEW Watermelon Lemonade

  1. When I'm watching the fireworks this memorial day I went to Wendy and got the lemonade can't get enough of it thanks

  2. I can't wait to try your lemonade with my boys this summer playing in our sandbox or playing outside with our friends!

  3. I bought two at the Oxnard, CA WF last weekend, and have drank them both already! They are so crisp and refreshing and delicious!!! Where can I buy them online?!

  4. I work at Whole Foods Market in Lafayette, La
    and there was a really good sale so I bought my husband a bottle, he totally fell in love with it! He would go through about 10 (at least) in a week, he was obsessed! Now that summer's over he's desperately searching for it, he's tried other watermelon drinks but nothing can compare. I wish I could still be buying for him, please consider selling it year round. Of all the lemonade flavors, our store sold out of the watermelon lemonade way before the others, it was definitely a huge hit with our guests!

    1. Glad you and your husband love the Watermelon Lemonade. It's so good! We'll pass on your feedback to our team about making it year round.

    1. Glad you're a fan! It should start to be back in Whole Foods now! Also, stay tuned for an announcement of a new one in a few weeks.

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