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Journey to Discover Honest Ingredients

How far will you go for honest ingredients and taste?  We’ll go a long way—specifically Mendoza, Argentina.  Dave Reichlin, our very own Quality Assurance Manager from Honest Tea HQ recently traveled from Bethesda, MD to the vineyards in Argentina to visit the farmers who grow our kosher, organic grapes.  Dave toured the vineyards to see the process from collecting the grapes from the vineyard, to smashing them into the pure liquid form that contributes to your favorite Honest Ade and Honest Kids variety.  Walking through the vineyard in the warm afternoon, the grapes seemed to welcome the sun, followed by the evening cool breezes that help keep the balanced and smooth flavor of the grapes.  Some may think we go a little overboard to assure the quality of our ingredients—this is just the tip of the iceberg!

photo-11722 (1)

Organic grape farmer and Rabbi at the vineyard to ensure the quality of grapes.

photo-20v21 (1)

The photo above is of one of vineyard employees bringing in a fresh load of organic, kosher grapes to be crushed and served in a variety of Honest Ade and Honest Kids drinks.

photo-12121 (1)

These are vineyards that grow the grapes, that go into your favorite Honest beverages. Because real just tastes better.

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