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Getting Honest at Wendy’s

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On more than one occasion (i.e. almost all the time), I will talk about Honest Tea’s journey to democratize organics – our efforts to spread our holistic approach to food and the environment not just with people who are already in health food stores, but also with people who are on the path toward a healthier lifestyle.  Until this month, the most important milestone in that effort had been the fact that our drinks are sold in more than 100,000 outlets around the country.

This month we are delighted to share the news that starting on May 5th, Honest Tea’s fresh-brewed Tropical Green Tea will be sold in all 5,800 Wendy’s restaurants across the United States.  We are thrilled that our tea will be offered to Wendy’s customers without cutting any corners-1) The tea will be freshly brewed in every location, starting with boiled water and tea leaves, 2) all the tea leaves and sugar are certified organic and 3) all the tea leaves and sugar are Fair Trade certified.

This is a huge step for Honest Tea, and it is an exciting development for Wendy’s.  To give you a sense of scale Honest Tea purchased 800,000 pounds of organic ingredients in 2007, the year before Coca-Cola invested in Honest Tea.  Our annual forecast for the Wendy’s business is more than 1 million pounds of organic ingredients. Over the coming weeks, I hope you get a chance to stop in at your nearby Wendy’s and enjoy this new variety, which is only available at Wendy’s.  Don’t worry about expressing your amazement when you see Honest Tea’s organic, Fair Trade drinks on the Wendy’s menu – I’ve had to pinch myself quite a few times over the past few weeks.

Honestly yours,

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