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Honest Tea Launches in Germany!


2015 was filled with quite a few “pinch me, because I’m not sure if I’m dreaming” moments — such as our national launch at Wendy’s and the accolades we received from the beverage industry.  December’s highlight happened in Munich, Germany, where I went to support the launch of Honest Tea in our first international market in conjunction with Coca-Cola.  It was exciting to see the passion and energy for our brand by the local sales team. It was also invigorating to see how receptive the German market is to our organic and fair trade commitments.

Though my time in Berlin and Munich was brief, it was fascinating to see how Germany has evolved without forgetting its past. In Berlin there were frequent reminders of the Holocaust and the Cold War. I spotted numerous “stumble stones” which marked where Jews once lived before they were removed from their homes. And Coca-Cola’s Berlin office is located right next to a preserved portion of the Berlin Wall, which still had brightly colored graffiti. Perhaps the most beautiful sight I spotted was a tattoo on the arm of a German waitress – it read “To Life” in Hebrew.

It was particularly fun to sell our Black Forest Berry Herbal Tea too, since our recipe was based on a German dessert recipe known as “rote gruetze,” a sweet  fruit dish. I guess we were selling a German recipe to German consumers after all!

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