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Introducing Three New Varieties

What an exciting March! After years of experimenting with new drink combinations, this month we’re introducing 6 new zero-calorie recipes.  When we first launched our drinks in 1998 we aspired to bring out full-flavored drinks with zero calories, but always came up short – the drinks tasted too thin and unsatisfying.  Some of our long-time fans might remember our first attempt at a cinnamon herbal tea, called Cinnamon Gold Rush.  At only 10 calories per 8 fluid ounce serving, it had a nice 10-year run, but eventually started to lose its place on the shelf as consumer’s tastes shifted.  But this month we launch two unsweetened herbal teas – Ginger Oasis and Cinnamon Sunrise. Both are more flavorful and satisfying than many of our original teas (20 calories per 8 ounce serving) we called barely sweetened. What’s the difference?  We found new flavorful ingredients, such as green rooibos and lemon grass, which help give the drinks a more complete taste– what we call “mouth-feel.”

You will also see refreshing changes with Honest Fizz.  When we first brought out the line in 2013, only one of four varieties was organic but we made a pledge that we would eventually make the line certified organic. We worked with our suppliers to find savings in packaging and other ingredients so that today we can offer 5 Honest Fizz varieties with organic certification.  It feels good to be back in the mode where every beverage we offer is certified organic, and if you haven’t yet tried our newest variety – Golden Ginger Ale — you’re in for an (organic) treat!

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