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June Travels (And National Iced Tea Month)


June is officially National Iced Tea Month, but since every month is iced tea month for us, I will be taking a different kind of break in June. With our oldest son graduating from college and our youngest graduating from high school (he’s about 9 months older than Honest Tea), my wife and I realized we might never again get the chance to travel the world with our three boys.  So for the first time in 17 years, my email will have one of those autoreply messages that says, “I’m not available.”  And I will do my best to not be available!  We will be traveling to some remote parts of the world -admittedly some of them do grow tea, but I’ve promised that won’t be the primary purpose of our trip.  We look forward to reconnecting with the natural world and to reconnecting as a family before our boys enter new stages of their lives.  I’ll report back when I return, but in the meantime, happy National Iced Tea Month!
Honestly yours,

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