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Two Of My Favorite Things


We are often asked where our ingredients come from. While we were able to share that information with anyone who asked about it, we didn’t have the capability to share it visually. We have just launched a global map that highlights the source of our 42 largest ingredients.  As you will see on the map, we buy ingredients from six continents.

Now that I’ve recently started my own Twitter account, I get the chance to share content that draws me back multiple times.  Here are two of my favorites:

I first came across the poem The Waking by Theodore Roethke in college, and I continue to connect with it every few months because the language, tone and time frame of poetry is so contrary to that of the business world – it helps keep me balanced and helps me keep perspective.  The phrase “I learn by going where I have to go” describes a sense of direction that combines a sense of destiny and the unknown, which is a lot of what being an entrepreneur feels like to me. There are a lot of other phrases that speak to me — “What falls away is always and is near” suggests that we are all products of our experiences and that everything that happens affects us and stays with us.  There is also a phrase about “God bless the ground, I shall walk softly there” which speaks to me about treading lightly on the earth.  And finally, the phrase “this shaking keeps me steady” connects with the feeling of uncertainty and change that helps keep me grounded.

A video that I watch at least once a week is a 33 second clip I shot with my camera when my family and I were in the mountains of Rwanda this past June.  It captures a silverback gorilla asserting himself by banging on his chest.  You can see the gorillas around him start to clear away because they can tell he is about to move.  The sound of the silverback beating his chest is totally different from what I was expecting – it’s almost sounds like someone hitting a tennis ball.  The camera work is admittedly a little shaky, because we were instructed to crouch down below the gorilla’s head, so that he wouldn’t perceive us as a threat. I am drawn to the video (and just showed it to our sales team this week) because it’s a scene so unlike anything else I encounter during my workweek.  The power and motion of the silverback is so striking – especially amazing to think that a creature like that gains all of its energy and muscle from plants!

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