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What Do A Black Rhino and Black Tea Have in Common?

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What do a black rhinocero and black tea have in common?  They both rely on fragile ecosystems to survive.

At Honest Tea we strive to reconnect people to the natural world, and last month, my family and I had the chance to connect with nature in a new part of the world for us.  One of the highlights in Kenya was our encounter with some black rhinos who had been rescued by park rangers and were in the process of being reintroduced to the wild.  Hunting, poaching and development have threatened the black rhino close to extinction, less than 5,000 remain in the wild.

While Honest Tea doesn’t currently source our teas from East Africa, it was nice to feel that through our commitment to organics and fair trade we are making our own efforts to support fragile ecosystems around the world, particularly in India, China, Paraguay and South Africa.  We may not all get to encounter firsthand the regions and creatures that benefit from the choices we make, but it’s gratifying to know that every day we can choose to be part of an interdependent and interconnected supply chain,


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