Honest Tea

Disrupting With Innovation

It’s common for companies to have reputations for all sorts of different things – some are known to provide great employee perks (Google), others for a commitment to philanthropy (Patagonia) or visionary products (Apple). Recently, Honest Tea’s co-founder & TeaEO Seth Goldman was named the “#1 Disruptor” in the beverage industry […]

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Honest Fizz Gets Organic!

Commitments are a funny thing. Sometimes you have the best intentions in the world to follow through, but then reality sets in and you can’t make it work despite your best intentions. It’s one of the reasons we are proud to announce that starting this March, after two years in the […]

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The ONE Quiz You Want to Take: How does Honesty Make You Feel?

“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity,” said 18th century Irish statesman Edmund Burke. We’re curious and wanted to know– how does honesty make YOU feel? They say that Honesty is the best policy, but it can spark a wide range of emotions […]

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