The Great Recycle

What’s Up with Beverage Recycling Rates?

It’s easy right? Everyone does it. So we thought, until learning that national recycling rates of beverage containers is roughly 30%. Seeing an opportunity for improvement, Honest Tea built a 30 foot tall recycling bin last April and placed it in New York’s Times Square for one day, offering rewards for recycling.

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DC Gets Honest About Recycling

Recycling is easy and truly helps the planet. That’s why it might surprise you to hear the national recycling rate of beverage containers is only 33.8%. It’s obvious there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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Earth Month

April is Earth Month, so while we may put more focus on recycling this month, the reality is that recycling is important every day. The national recycling rate is just above 30% for beverage containers, and we’d like to help improve on that number.

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