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The TeaEO Is Tops!


We’re pretty low-key, but this time we want to shout from the rooftops. We are excited to announce that our TeaEO and founder, Seth Goldman, has been named Beverage Industry Magazine’s 2015 Executive of the Year! On Honest Tea’s growth and his success as an entrepreneur, Seth had this to say:

“When we talk about being a mission-driven business, we really want people to understand that we’re trying to address health issues, we’re trying to address environmental issues, (and) we’re trying to address issues of labor in the developing world, so the first thing is to set that vision and get everybody aligned around it. Then once you get that, then the style is basically to get out of the way.

“Earlier this year, Seth and Honest Tea were also featured in Beverage World Magazine as Honest Tea was named “Liquid Refreshment Company of the Year.” Congratulations Seth- we’re really proud of you!

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4 thoughts on “The TeaEO Is Tops!

  1. Very proud of all of you!
    Congrats to Seth and the entire Honest Tea Team!

    Your loving partners in Consumer Affairs 🙂

  2. Why are you listed under Coke Products?

    I have 2 Publix stores near me and neither one carry Honest Tea on a regular basis. In fact it's rather irregular. They'll advertise it but not have it or shelf tag it at a lower price and not have it. Most of the time it's neither. I have to be fair though and say sometimes they will have a few other flavors; like Green Tea. In fact Publix is running it on BOGO now. They have 3 lonely bottles of Green Tea that have hung around for a couple months. It stands to reason that both stores should be ordering on a regular basis because as soon as I see it on the shelf I buy them all. I order cases alternating between stores. The last time I had to wait over 2 months for that special order.
    I wrote many months ago to the powers that be to tell them how hooked I was on Honest Tea Half & Half. I complained l was having trouble finding the product. I was given a few business names but no product available there either. I had asked for coupons and was told there were none available at that time, however, I should sign up for the newsletter; which I did. Sadly no coupons.
    I think I should actually receive a case of half & half for being such a loyal customer and seek out your product so tenaciously.
    And I should mention the first thing I noticed about the tea is the bottles are filled ALL the way to the top while other products have shrunken to the point of outrageous. They think people are too stupid to realize it.
    Stevie Barbour
    10440 Yellow Hammer Rd
    Weeki Wachee FL 34614

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for writing in and for the feedback. We'd love to send you a case of Half Tea and Half Lemonade. We'll ship it to the address you listed. Expect it soon!

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