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Try This Grocery Tip: Pre-Trip Snacking


We’re fascinated by a recent article which discussed three studies from the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, and offered advice for supermarket shopping.  The tip we’re most intrigued by: Eat a pre-shopping snack, and make it ‘good for you.’  Why?  Your brain has associations with certain foods, and those associations will dictate what you put in your food cart. Of 120 supermarket shoppers, those who ate an apple sample before shopping purchased 28% more fruits and veggies than those who ate a cookie sample, and 25% more fruits and veggie than those who had no snack.  Scientists think that if you’re eating apples, you’re then thinking about apples and other produce.  So if you’re off to the grocery store, remember your produce snack (and try a bottle of delicious Honest Tea)—your taste buds will thank you!

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