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Why Keep It Honest?

When strolling the aisles of the grocery store, do you ever wonder about the backstory of your favorite products?  It’s important to us at Honest Tea, which is one of the reasons every year we publish our Mission Report—connecting our stakeholders to the people and communities who grow, pluck and brew our tea.

Check out Keeping It Honest, our 2014 “Mission Report” to discover how your purchases are helping promote organic agriculture, fair trade, community improvements, landfill reduction, and more.

Here are a few key milestones we’re celebrating this year:


Getting Fair with Sugar: The organic cane sugar used to keep your favorite Honest Tea in glass bottles “just a tad sweet” is now Fair Trade Certified™.   To understand what impact the premiums from the purchase of Fair Trade Certified cane sugar makes for the farming communities, our TeaEO Seth visited Paraguay to see for himself.  There he saw how the co-op of sugar farmers chose to invest in new farm equipment, healthcare, education and a safety net for older workers.  He also discovered how farmers are finding alternatives to conventional pesticides, such as using wasps to control cane worms. Check out the video here!


Restoring Vision: It’s easy to forget not everyone has access to quality eye care.  This past year we traveled to Assam, India with our partners Fair Trade USA and Vision Spring to provide eye exams and glasses for over 2,400 people in our tea-growing communities.  Many had never received this kind of care before.


Responding to America’s Low Recycling Rates:  Did you know that the average national recycling rate for plastic bottles is only 30%?  That means roughly 70% of plastic bottles are ending up in our waste streams.  We decided to be part of the recycle solution by launching the Great Recycle movement in 2012.  Since then-we’ve been traveling the country to grocery stores, athletic events, and music festivals, challenging Americans to expand their commitment to recycling and rewarding recyclers for bringing us their empty beverage containers.  Since kicking off with our first event in Times Square, NYC you have helped us recycle over 537,999 beverage containers and prevent more than 2,336,000 lbs. of plastic, aluminum and other materials from ending up in the waste stream.


Walking the “Organic” Talk:  Each time you purchase an Honest Tea, you are helping to support the organic approach to agriculture.  We now source enough organic ingredients to cover Central Park NYC over four times! (If you’re into numbers that’s specifically 6,536,948 lbs. of organic ingredients—a 32% increase from 2012 and a 727% increase from 2007).

We hope you’ll take a moment and see for yourself the impact you’re helping make with each bottle of Honest Tea you enjoy.  While we’ll never claim to be perfect, we believe the best way to make a positive impact is to simply get started.

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