We’re Being More #RefreshinglyHonest Than Ever!

We’ve always been proud to be refreshingly honest through our organic and Fair Trade Certified™ products, but this summer we’re kicking it up a notch by asking you to join us by being more #refreshinglyHonest in your daily lives. Check out our newest project here and join in on the fun!

#refreshinglyHonest Project

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Disrupting With Innovation

It’s common for companies to have reputations for all sorts of different things - some are known to provide great employee perks (Google), others for a commitment to philanthropy (Patagonia) or visionary products (Apple). Recently, Honest Tea’s co-founder & TeaEO Seth Goldman was named the “#1 Disruptor” in the beverage industry [...]


Honest Fizz Gets Organic!

Commitments are a funny thing. Sometimes you have the best intentions in the world to follow through, but then reality sets in and you can’t make it work despite your best intentions. It’s one of the reasons we are proud to announce that starting this March, after two years in the [...]



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The Great Recycle

In 2012 we launched "The Great Recycle," a national call-to-action to boost national recycling rates. Are you ready to make a pledge?

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