Your questions – answered!

Where can I find your beverages?

In general, you can find our plastic-bottled beverages at grocery and convenience stores nationwide (and if you don’t see them, ask the customer service desk to start carrying them!).  For our glass-bottled beverages and Honest Fizz zero calorie sodas, check your favorite natural food stores and in the natural food aisle of your local grocery store.  Our Honest Kids juice drinks are sold in grocery stores, natural food stores, and club stores, as well many quick-service restaurants as well.  You can find us in more than 130,000 locations across the country!

What is Honest Tea?

Honest Tea, Inc. is the nation’s top-selling organic bottled tea company.  We make organic teas and juice drinks using Fair Trade ingredients when we can, as well as zero calorie sodas.

Is Honest Tea owned by Coca-Cola?

Honest Tea, Inc. is part of the The Coca-Cola Company and headquartered in Bethesda, MD.   In 2008, Coke made an investment in our company to help with distribution, and in 2011 fully acquired us.  Today, there are passionate teams in both Bethesda, MD and Atlanta, GA — as well as across the country and around the world — working together to grow the brand.  Before the investment, our beverages were found in about 15,000 retail outlets; now we are in more than 130,000 retail outlets.  Being available in more locations means we’ve been able to increase the amount of organic ingredients we purchase each year to more than 17 million pounds. That’s a lot of people drinking organic beverages!

Why does Honest Tea use organic ingredients, particularly organic tea?

We believe organic ingredients deliver the best-tasting beverages to our consumers.  Tea leaves aren’t rinsed until they are steeped in hot water, so we think using organic tea leaves is best.

Why do you have two separate product lines for your bottled teas?

Our bottled beverages come in two separate product lines: glass and plastic bottles.  Our glass-bottled line is sold in natural food stores and in the natural food aisle of grocery stores; our plastic-bottled beverages are sold in grocery and convenience stores.  The teas offered in each line are unique and do not overlap.

Do your products contain GMOs?

No, our beverages do not contain GMOs.  As part of our organic certification, genetically modified organisms are not allowed in our ingredients.  We have a “No GMOs” logo as well as a statement on all of our beverages which reads “NO GMOS MEANS THAT IF THERE IS A BIOENGINEERED VERSION OF AN INGREDIENT, WE DON’T USE IT.”

Do your beverages have gluten or use foods which are common allergens?

None of our beverages have any gluten-containing ingredients; in fact, all of our drinks have a logo which reads “GLUTEN FREE.”  All of our beverages are free from any allergens — soy, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, and gluten.

What happened to my favorite variety?

To keep our brand fresh and interesting, we continue to introduce innovative products. Some of those fare better than others. Seth wrote a blog entry about the painful process of discontinuing beverages which gives insight into how those decisions are made.  If your favorite is discontinued, let us help you find a new favorite Honest beverage!

Are the Honest Freshly Brewed iced teas available in the same flavors as the bottled beverages?

Not quite.  Honest Freshly Brewed iced teas come in Lemon Tulsi Herbal Tea, Classic Green Tea, Just Iced (unsweetened), Raspberry Tea, and Tropical Green Tea (proprietary variety for Wendy’s locations).  You can find similar varieties in our glass-bottled teas Heavenly Lemon Tulsi Herbal Tea, Classic Green Tea, “Just” Black Tea, and Radiant Raspberry Tea, or in our plastic-bottled Honey Green Tea and Raspberry Tea.

I can’t find my favorite variety on store shelves, what should I do?

Definitely ask your local store manager to stock that drink if they aren’t already. If that doesn’t work, contact us with your preferred beverage and zip code, and we will try to locate it in your area.  You can also reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone, or mail. We’re here to help!

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