Honest Kids® Kosher Status

As a brand, we’ve always been passionate about organic ingredients.  While it is our mission to deliver organic kosherproducts to consumers, the organic ingredients we rely on are not always available in unlimited quantities.  This year, we experienced a disruption in our supply of organic white grape juice, and it directly impacts our ability to produce kosher, organic Honest Kids products. Honest Kids will still be certified organic, but by the end of March 2016 the line will not carry the OU (Orthodox Union) kosher certification.

Here’s what happened: the kosher requirements for grape juice are particularly stringent because grapes are the ingredient in wine, which is a ritual beverage.  In past years, we’ve flown rabbis around the world to supervise grape harvests, and this year, challenges came up with the annual, supervised crop.  We spent many weeks searching the globe for a solution that allowed us to keep both certifications without compromising the taste or quality of Honest Kids, but in the end, there just wasn’t enough organic and kosher grape juice to maintain both certifications. 

We are disappointed that for the first time since Honest Kids was introduced, they will not be certified kosher, and we are actively working with suppliers around the world to secure enough supply so that Honest Kids will regain its kosher status. In the meantime, the rest of our product lines – Honest Tea, Honest Fizz, and Honest Summer Refreshers – will all remain kosher and organic.

If you have any questions about this, of course you can e-mail us at sethandbarry@honesttea.com or call at 1.800.865.4736.