The #RefreshinglyHonest Project invites people to take the first step toward being a little more honest in their daily lives. In today’s society, the pressure to be perfect – the perfect parent, partner, sibling, co-worker or friend – can lead genuinely honest people to say less-than-truthful things to make life feel a little easier. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to make fun and rewarding connections by sharing the #RefreshinglyHonest (and sometimes hilarious) truths to show everyone is just like us: perfectly imperfect.


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Relationships aren’t always easy, but they can be honest.
Watch one real couple take the first steps towards being #RefreshinglyHonest with each other.

Parenting isn’t always easy, but it can be honest.
Watch one real mom’s first steps towards being #RefreshinglyHonest with her two young children.

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